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The 4 P’s of Marketing

When an entrepreneur launches a business, a major focus is usually on developing a marketing strategy which will drive sales and allow the business to thrive. However, some entrepreneurs do not understand what marketing “levers” or tools they have at their disposal in order to drive customers to purchase their product or service. The levers that can be pulled to develop or change your marketing strategy consist of the following: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. In developing a complete marketing strategy, a business owner needs to make all decisions and changes with one person in mind, the customer. A successful marketing strategy will make orchestrated changes to each of the marketing P's in order to optimize the business’ strategic position within the market. I will now give a brief overview of the four P’s of marketing (more…) Read article →
November 29 / 2011

Prepping for a Presentation?

PowerPoint is that amazing and incredible tool that helps all of us create engaging and professional presentations. It’s also a tool we often see misused. Here are a few simple rules you can follow next time you’re creating a presentation to avoid the “death by PowerPoint” scenario. Rule #1 - You are the presentation (not your slides) If the presentation materials distract the audience from what you are saying, then make some adjustments so the focus stays on you. (more…) Read article →
November 22 / 2011
Author Shannon Winzeler
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A Letter from Your Customer

Ever wonder what your customer really wants to say to you? We have polled a few and put it in the form of a letter. Dear Business Owner, I'd like to do business with you, but lately you’ve made it difficult. I've taken a minute to share some of my thoughts. If you’ll implement even a few of them, I can see us having a long-term relationship that will be good for both of us
  • If I send you an email, chances are I don't want to or can't use a phone at the moment. Please, just email me back. After all, it's not about how you want to sell, it's about how I want to buy.
  • If you say you are open at 8:00 am and closed at 5:00 pm, then open at 7:50 am and close at 5:15 pm. No one exceeds my expectations these days, but I never forget when they do. Delivering more than is expected is vital to developing a strong brand image.
  • I don’t mind an upsell, especially if it makes my life easier. If you know there is a good chance I’m going to need another product later to go with what I’m buying now, please tell me so that I don’t have to make an unnecessary trip to your store.
  • (more…)
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November 15 / 2011

Are Your Customers Paying Attention to You?

If you want to test whether or not your customers are engaged with you, answer the following questions: (more…) Read article →

Get Off the Tail

AlphaGraphics LongTailGraph

What's the tail? In 2004 Chris Andersen popularized the concept of the long tail distribution model for retailers. The idea hinges on growing a business by selling less of more. Amazon is a great example of a long tail business model. By offering a simple way for authors to list and sell their books, Amazon has attracted millions of authors (and become a multi-billion dollar operation). Well that’s great for Amazon, but what about all the millions of authors like yourself? Do you want to sell less of more? I doubt it. You want to move off the tail toward the head and eventually make it to that thin sliver of blue at the top of the chart. (more…) Read article →

Personalized Marketing with PURLs

AlphaGraphics personalURL

Addressing someone by his or her first names is pretty impressive, but envision the ability to utilize all sorts of variable information in your marketing campaigns. PURLs, when spoken out loud, tend to conjure up a very different picture than the marketing tools they actually are. When I first became aware of PURLs I initially thought of the fantastically rare and valuable gems sought after the world over. Yet this is perhaps an interesting metaphor for what is otherwise referred to in its long form, as a Personalized URL, which, if used correctly, can be a valuable addition to any sized business’ marketing strategy. (more…) Read article →
November 07 / 2011