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He Should Have Been My Customer…

When I'm conducting a training session with business owners or sales people I often ask "What do you sell?" The answer is usually the same; a long list of products and/or services.  It is as if the participants are looking at a menu board or a brochure and calling out what they see there. My next question is "Why does your customer buy these things from you?" These answers tend to have a similar theme as well…"because they need it"…"because I’m the cheapest"…"because I offer a quality product". Technically, none of the answers are wrong, but I don't believe these are the right answers either. If you really stop and think about what you buy, and why you buy it from the company you currently buy it from, I think you will see what I mean. (more…) Read article →

7 Tips to Create a Great Learning Experience

Have you ever had a great learning experience? Maybe it was a fantastic presentation that captured your attention from beginning to end, or a training class that left you completely energized instead of drained at the end of the day?  What was it that made the event so memorable, and how can you recreate it during your own training sessions? Keep these tips in mind next time you’re leading a training group.
  • Stay positive – Create a fun, stimulating and positive learning environment that makes everyone feel comfortable.
  • Keep everyone involved – People learn best when they are active and participating in the learning process. Don’t be afraid to call on people if you have a quiet, uninvolved group. As one training expert puts it: “Learning is not a spectator sport.”
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December 22 / 2011
Author Shannon Winzeler
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Increasing Demand With eBooks

Books and coffee seem to be a good fit. You can see people in coffee shops across the world sipping lattes and reading a good book. Years ago Barnes & Noble decided to put Starbucks in their stores and now most bookstores offer a coffee service. So I guess it’s only natural that the world’s first book vending machine would be called the Espresso Book Machine. These machines will print and bind a perfect bound book faster than you can drink a Grande Cappuccino. (more…) Read article →

Your Company’s Greatest Asset

AlphaGraphics Brandingwink I find it interesting to reflect on the times throughout my career where I have been on either side of an employment interview. Without fail, personal branding takes center stage. The interviewee focuses on presenting a sense of individuality, professionalism and competency, all the while interjecting a certain flavor of personality and congeniality. The conversation revolves around the individual’s professional story, the perceived value they would deliver to an employer, and the overall roadmap for success that would inherently accompany any job offer. In the end, those who have successfully navigated the world of professional networking and auditioning have one thing in common – a strong personal brand. (more…) Read article →
December 02 / 2011