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Archive: March 2012

Recruiting the Right People for the Right People – The Recruiting Funnel

RECRUITING FUNNEL STEPS STEP 1 – PRE-SCREEN - This is an opportunity to quickly weed out the candidates who are not a viable option.  Checking for red flags and verifying the candidate meets the minimum requirements is essential at this step.  The prescreening can be done while reviewing resumes and also with a phone call. STEP 2: INTERVIEWS & ASSESSMENTS - Interviews are the most common selection method.  Generally speaking, structured interviews are the most effective.  (more…) Read article →

Making Email Newsletters More Social – 5 Tips to Create Content Users Will Share.

Among the many moving parts of a successful marketing plan, email newsletters are still an essential component. It is, hands down, the most direct way to engage with customers. But integrating with social media has become increasingly important, since it can help those messages can be projected to a much wider audience. Persuading readers to share the content of your email content is the key. This is accomplished by providing content that demonstrates you're in touch with what's important to customers and sharing information that not only solves their problems, but also entertains them and asks for their insight. (more…) Read article →