If you are thinking of making an impression you need to think “Big” – big signs, banners and posters that is. Studies continually show that in-store and out-of-store signs, banners and posters make a big impact on your customer’s buying process. A recent study on the effects of in-store posters shows that:
  • 76% of consumers have entered a store simply because of an interesting sign
  • 68% of consumers stated they bought a product/service because a sign caught their interest
  • 58% of consumers didn’t enter a store because of lack of signs
  • 42% of women will enter a store they’ve never visited based on signage
The study additionally showed that consumers believe small businesses should have on average at least two to three large signs or posters around its storefront and multiple sales signs within the store. Not only do signs play a big role in the storefront (reference), but they are pivotal in impacting a customer’s sales behavior within a store. Think of the amount of effort businesses spend on trying to get customers in the door. Once customers are in a store, a business’ in-store sign strategy is the final effort that affects the sales process and creates last opportunity sales. It’s clear that small businesses need to think big – big signs, banners and posters. (more…) Read article →