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Why Try an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Campaign?

Given the prospect of investing time, money and resources in a direct mail campaign, many advertisers would likely pass and opt for something digital. For many campaigns, passing up on a direct mail campaign can be a costly mistake—especially if that direct mail campaign is an Every Door Direct Mail Campaign (EDDM) through the United States Postal Service.   What makes an EDDM campaign right for your advertising and marketing needs? When should you decline a digital marketing platform for a more traditional one? How can you raise your odds of seeing positive results from an EDDM campaign? Take a look at some of the opportune instances where taking the direct mail route might just be the best thing you can do for your advertising campaign:   When your target audience is geographically based. If you’re marketing to a select audience of people, all confined within a specific geographic area, nothing beats an EDDM campaign. This is an optimal investment for brick and mortar stores and those businesses that are restricted by their location. Being able to “carpet bomb” local area neighborhoods with your advertisement ensures that the people seeing what you have to say are also the people who are most likely to take advantage of it.   When you’re looking for new customers. Email marketing is fine and dandy for reaching out to an audience you already know… but what about those people who don’t know you or your business? Rather than spending countless dollars on pre-compiled customer lists or ramping up your digital marketing to find new customers, why not use a good ‘ol EDDM campaign to make some new friends for your business?   When you have a time-based event. People can go for days or even weeks without checking their inboxes online, but one thing’s for sure: everybody gets their mail on a daily basis. If you’re advertising a limited time offer or have time restrictions on something you’re marketing, you want to make sure that people see that message as soon as possible. EDDM puts your message in the hands of customers when they need to see it, not after the fact or days down the line.   When you want to reach a large audience on a small budget. It’s the age old question of “how can I get the most stuff for the lowest cost?” Generally, you’d end up finding a compromise that either leaves you paying more than you want to or getting less than you desire—with an EDDM campaign, there’s no compromise at all! EDDM campaigns are highly cost effective and cover a huge swatch of geographic area, giving you more for less.   When you’re coordinating campaigns. If you’re a seasoned marketer, you understand the effectiveness of cross platform and multi-level marketing. This means complementing your marketing efforts on every front possible, including physical advertising. Many marketers forget that direct mail is a staple they can rely on and with an EDDM campaign supplementing your email blast, PPC ads, radio spots and more, you’ll reach a wider audience with a more cohesive message.   These are just a few instances where EDDM can improve your business’ marketing efforts. And, with EDDM still just beginning to pique the interest of advertising professionals everywhere, you can stay ahead of the curve. AlphaGraphics is here to assist you as your EDDM marketing professional and we’re more than happy to help you design and deliver your direct mail—whether you’re in a position to capitalize on one of the above situations or you’ve carved out an opportunity of your own that would benefit from direct mail success. Read article →

What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

If you’re a business owner without the million dollar advertising budget of a big company or are struggling to find a marketing niche that covers your investment with its ROI, it’s time to see what an EDDM campaign can do for you.   In the booming digital age of advertising, it’s easy to lose sight of advertising roots in favor of flashier online marketing options. With every email campaign we send, every AdWords account that’s opened and every mobile marketing hit that’s tracked, we lose more and more faith in the old standbys—especially direct mail.   A dying form of communication… or is it?   Direct mail advertising was once a staple of marketing because it was a surefire way to make sure thousands of people would all venture out to their mailboxes and see your message, plain as day. But, as time has gone on and the direct mail market saturated, junk mail became the scourge of mailboxes everywhere and soon, it was nearly impossible for anyone to distinguish what was junk and what was worthwhile.   In the wake of the booming junk mail era, people started to rely less on their physical mail and more on their email and over time, email has slowly taken the place of snail mail for many people. The only problem with this is that the junk mail has also migrated and today, it’s nearly impossible to keep your inbox free of spam—including advertisements you may want to see!   All of this is a roundabout way of saying that people are paying less and less attention to their email these days and as an effect, email campaigns are on the decline. It’s just too easy for someone to hit “delete” and in fact, this often happens to expensive marketing campaigns.   But let’s take a step back for a moment and look at the big picture: if it’s so easy for people to flag emails or delete them on sight, how is a marketer supposed to succeed when it comes to direct mail? The answer might surprise you.   Going back to your roots   With such a market saturation of email, smart marketing professionals have begun to look for ways to revive traditional direct marketing, the result is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). And the pioneer of such a brilliant direct mail comeback? The United States Postal Service, of course!   Think about it: it costs fractions of a cent for spammers to send out email after email, flooding the inboxes of unsuspecting victims—email spam is truly the lowest cost solution to disseminating junk mail. So why would a spammer pay to produce and distribute snail mail for several times that cost? They wouldn’t, which leaves a safe niche for quality advertisers to fill when it comes to direct mail.   Every Door Direct Mail   EDDM works like this: advertisers go online and block sections of neighborhoods, subdivisions, towns, cities or counties that they want to target with their next direct mail advertising campaign. This data is fed into the U.S. Postal System and assigned to various mail carriers. Using materials generated by an advertiser, specifically for this specialized EDDM campaign, postal workers will deliver direct mail along with the usual mail, thus blanketing specific areas with quality advertising!   EDDM is so simple that it is genius and it’s gaining the favor of more and more smart marketers out there. From local businesses looking to spread the word about their commerce, to larger companies that want to bolster business in targeted areas, EDDM is driving traffic like no other direct mail campaigns—and it’s rapidly being touted over email campaigns that are losing ground to spammers. And, as experts in the budding advertising niche of EDDM, AlphaGraphics is here to help you create one success after another, one piece of direct mail at a time. Read article →