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Cutting Through Advertising “Clutter” with Large Format Point-of-Purchase Signage

“Measure twice, cut once.” This is a motto every construction worker knows, but it’s also one that should be at the heart of every marketing and advertising campaign as well. Why? Because if you don’t measure the needs and wants of your customers, you’re going to have a hard time cutting through all of the other campaigns out there, vying for face time with your target audience! The best way to measure your customers needs and wants is simple: appeal to them at the point of sale. This is where decisions will be made, data will be gathered and “cuts” will be made—customers will act and react to signage, taking to heart the messages that appeal to them and swiftly ignoring those that don’t.   The right sign for the right job Cutting through the advertising clutter at the point of sale isn’t easy. This is where competition for face time is fiercest. To make sure your messages are being seen, you’ll need to tap into a wide assortment of point-of-purchase (POP) advertising materials, using the right ones at the right time to make the cut.   Take a look at some opportunities for POP signage and why the suggested materials will give you the edge in earning customers:   Target: Customers who may be walking past your business on the street.   Suggested materials: Storefront window decals and sandwich boards are going to inspire conversions for passersby who might be walking down the street. Why? These large format materials will be attention grabbing right from the get-go because they stand out in their surroundings—it’s easy to see a sandwich board against the concrete sidewalk or a bright window decal on transparent glass!   Target: Customers who may be driving past your business on the street.   Suggested materials: Printed awnings, brick/concrete graphics, printed flags and exterior signs are all going to help you attract drivers passing by in their cars. You may not think someone driving in a car is getting anywhere close to the “point of purchase,” but it’s important to consider that the right POP signage can expand your point of purchase range. These larger signs can portray graphics further away, inform drivers who may be travelling at a higher rate of speed and inspire action in an instant! Getting someone to pull into your parking lot and swing by your storefront for a moment means one more conversion you didn’t have with the help of large-print POP signage!   Target: Customers not in your general service area.   Suggested materials: Vehicle decals and vehicle magnets make mobile advertising a real and prolific possibility! Whether your truck is out making a delivery or you’re just paying someone to drive around town to advertise, mobile POP signage is going to attract customers who might not usually be within your service area, thus broadening your reach. Moreover, vehicle graphics are eye-catching, meaning they cut through the monotony of competing advertisements to give you a marketing edge.   Target: Unknowing or uninterested customers in your service area.   Suggested materials: For this hard-to-reach demographic, pennant flags, pole banners, printed flags and even brick/concrete graphics are going to be your best chance at attracting attention to your business. Not everyone is interested in your store and there’s probably a good number of people who have no idea you even exist—give people a reason to think twice about ignoring you or make yourself known to them with these eye-grabbing materials. Flags and pole banners appeal to customers looking for intrigue, while concrete graphics can offer a repetitive signal to onlookers—either way, it’ll be hard to not know you exist with these large-print POP materials on your side!   Cutting through the clutter Is your POP signage doing its job and cutting through the clutter of advertisements and prompts that bombard customers at the point of sale? If not, it might be time to take a step back and measure again. AlphaGraphics can help. We know what works when it comes to getting your customers’ attention at the point of sale and can help you create large-format POP signage that’s undeniably effective. Read article →
February 11 / 2016
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Why Should You Be Utilizing a Web-to-Print Portal for Ordering Printed Collateral?

Does your small business or organization require branded products or marketing materials that are ordered and printed consistently? If so, ask yourself: are you reaping the benefits of a Web-to-Print portal to manage and process these orders?   What is a Web-to-Print portal? A Web-to-Print portal is a convenient and streamlined way to get the printed collateral you need, without having to worry about managing individual orders or keeping track of order documentation. It works like this. Your printer sets up a website that has all of your frequently-ordered materials on it: business cards, brochures, sales sheets, flyers, stationary, forms and whatever else you might use on a regular basis. This is your portal—it’s the place where you’ll come to order materials when you’ve run out. It can even be updated and changed regularly as you add or discontinue materials!   How Does it Work? The function of a Web-to-Print portal is simple: you select the materials you need, submit the order, and your request will be forwarded directly to your printer! Your company or organization is billed based on your agreement with the printer, but in the meantime, your order for materials is being fulfilled in real time, so you have the items you need to be most effective on the job. Best of all, the portal is going to serve as an organizational tool for your orders and documentation. No more flipping through binders of purchase orders to see when you last ordered business cards or trying to track down proof of an order for your department head to sign off on!   The Many Benefits of a Web-to-Print Portal A Web-to-Print portal is the pinnacle of efficiency when it comes to ordering printed products. With just a few clicks of the mouse and mere minutes on the clock you can effectively put in an order for everything you need, to be processed quickly by your printer. Moreover, your portal is going to have any and all information you might need before you order: quantities per pack, pricing, turnaround time and other intricate details such as what the stock of the material itself. In this way, you can determine exactly what you need as you order, preventing mistakes that end up costing money. The sheer compartmentalized nature of a Web-to-Print portal is also going to dramatically improve order organization. The portal will have everything from order histories to order documentation and more, all digitized and cataloged to make your life easier! This is the ultimate time-saver when it comes to pulling up specific orders or quality checking your documentation against problems. Finally, let’s not discount simplicity. Ordering printed materials through a Web-to-Print portal is going to be so easy that just about anyone can do it without fail. If your office manager is out sick or you’re delegating the task to someone else, you can have peace of mind that an order is going to be properly placed thanks to the ease of use associated with the portal.   Setting Up a Web-to-Print Portal If your business or organization isn’t already using a Web-to-Print portal to streamline the ordering of printed products, now is the time to start! Contact your local AlphaGraphics today to quickly set up a branded portal that you can begin using in just days! Then, have peace of mind when you place orders through your new portal, knowing that we’ll take care of the rest. Read article →
February 05 / 2016