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Is a Social Media Presence Worth It for Your Business?

These days, social media is everywhere. It’s not just Facebook and Twitter, either—it’s Snapchat and LinkedIn and Instagram and many more! Look around on the Internet and virtually everyone says your business needs a social media presence to stay relevant. Certainly many companies have used social media to engage customers successfully. But does that mean you should do it too? Here are some pros and cons for small businesses who might be thinking about expanding their social media presence: Shows corporate responsibility Social media is an ideal way to show your customers that you care about the community. Any time your employees are involved in volunteering or otherwise engaging the community, you can share that with current and potential customers. Optimizing localization of social media is key to having an impact. You can create content that is intimately linked to your locale to show that you’re more than just a business. Develop a stronger brand image By being present in customers’ everyday lives, you have an opportunity to show them what makes your company stand apart from the competition. Emphasize the unique products and solutions you offer and leverage these intricacies to build your brand. Through social media, your store can become known for offering professional services and products of the highest caliber—not just because you say so, but because current and former customers say so publically as well. Engage in two-way communication Never before has it been easier to talk directly to customers and potential customers. Responding to individual customer concerns on social media demonstrates that you’re doing your best to put the customer first. Remember that customers have no problem with complaining on social media. Having a public forum for complaints is bad enough, but handling a customer complaint poorly could damage your reputation. Ensure that you handle every criticism—no matter how ridiculous—with respect. Integrate into today’s communication Customers, especially millennials, expect your company to have a social media presence. It’s how customers learn your story. For better or worse, social media is the way people interact with the world now. Those who don’t embrace it risk being left behind, however those who embrace it poorly could actively be doing damage to their business’ reputation. Requires clear goals and metrics One of the biggest problems with marketing through social media is that it’s time-consuming. You need to find out how best to reach your customers and keep close track of how engagement efforts are proceeding. Without clear objectives for what you want social media to do—such as an increase in sales in certain sectors or engaging customers of a specific demographic—you risk wasting your precious time. Before you start building a social media presence, ask yourself if it’s something you should be doing or if it’s a task best left for someone else. Consider the power that comes with a good social media presence and the damage that can come from a poorly maintained one. And, above all, make sure you’re thinking critically about everything you do when it comes to social media, since this is the most transparent vehicle for your company to build a brand with. The bottom line is that if you’re going to embrace social media, you need a comprehensive strategy. You should look to enhance the brand while meeting specific goals for your own shop. Ultimately, each small business will have to decide if social media is right for them. Read article →
September 28 / 2016

Streamline Corporate Training Materials with AG Online

At AlphaGraphics, we’re always looking to make our printing and marketing services more convenient for our customers. We know that a business leader’s most valuable resource is time—and that’s why we’ve introduced AGOnline: our automated, cloud-based ordering system. First and foremost, AGOnline is a quick and convenient way to order the materials you need to run your business in a day-to-day capacity, But, did you know that it’s also an ideal way to simplify training for every employee coming on board? That’s right: we can help you get the training materials you need to facilitate a streamlined onboarding process. How the AGOnline process works for your business The AGOnline process is as streamlined as it gets. With just a set of login credentials and a specially designed digital storefront, you’ll have access to a full catalog of materials for order and re-order. Here’s how it works:
  • You submit your order or online list of materials;
  • We receive the order in real time and process it;
  • The customized materials are delivered directly to you!
This is ideal for companies with universal training documents that need to frequently be reordered. AGOnline makes this incredibly simple with one-click, on-demand ordering. Let’s take the example of a legal services firm. They’re going to need a bevy of materials for training, such as courtroom displays, contracts, briefs and filing documents. They can quickly and efficiently order these documents whenever they need them. Their unique catalog is always available to them, making ordering new materials a breeze. Time is essential to these professionals. They want to get their materials as quickly as possible so that they can start real-world training with new hires. AGOnline is the best solution for them. Creating materials to fit the needs of your business AG Online is equally valuable for businesses with unique needs. We offer variable data printing capabilities, which allows you to print personalized training materials for a specific employee. As soon as an employee begins working with your company, you’ll have professionally branded materials in their hands that will give new hires an immediate sense of belonging with the company. We allow for a wide range of materials to be catalogued and ordered based on your specific requirements. AGOnline stores everything you’ve ordered in the past in a secure environment—all you have to do is select the quantity you want and make any changes you deem necessary. The order is either sent to your address or stored in a warehouse depending on your preference. No matter what types of training materials you need or what variable data documents you might require, know that they’re always available at a low price and can be sent directly to you. AGOnline was designed with the busy professional in mind. We wanted to create a hassle-free way to send high-quality, customizable materials to all of our customers. Check out how AGOnline can help your business streamline training today! Your local AlphaGraphics will be glad to help you set up your portal, stock it with the necessities and introduce you to the world of cloud-based ordering, so you can focus your attention on more important things: like training your new hires! Read article →
September 15 / 2016
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