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Postcards Make Simple Work of Marketing







One of the simplest forms of marketing is the direct mail postcard. This economical marketing piece doesn’t require fancy folding or an envelope, and the post office offers reduced postage to mail them. Think about it – the content is quick and to the point, and people stick them on their fridge or hang them in their cubicles, so they have a tendency to hang around for a while.

Postcards have a ton of uses! For example, they are used as invitations, announcements, thank you cards, coupons, and they even can drive traffic to websites.

Keep in mind that you will need to follow a few key steps to make your postcard a success. Pay attention to your mailing list, whether you’re using a house list of current clients or purchasing a list based on criteria such as zip code radius or type of business; if you do not send your postcard to people that need or have a use for your message, you will not be successful. Create a strong call to action, and be sure to repeat it at least 3 times throughout the postcard. Use color printing to ensure your postcard stands out amongst the other mail pieces. Trying to save on cost? Be sure to consider whether you can reduce postage cost by using standard bulk mail rather than first-class mail. Make an offer that people can’t refuse. Did you know that offering a dollar amount discount rather than a percentage will increase the response to your offer? However, if your offer is more than 50% off, you should use the percentage rather than the dollar amount.

One of the most valuable things you can do to increase the response rate is to personalize your postcards. A study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) showed that you can increase your response rates by 30–50% by making the postcard personalized to the recipient. The use of variable data and digital printing allows for customized messages and images based upon the needs and preferences of your audience. For example, you can address them by name, include their favorite color, and even use photos that would appeal to their age, financial status, or gender.

The next time you need an affordable and simple marketing piece, consider a postcard and use the tips above to help make it a success!

January 22 / 2014
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Business to Consumer Direct Mail

Carle at the copier

When approached by a local company about doing a direct mail marketing campaign for 8 different Austin area locations, we were asked to create a simple and cost effective way to reach a large residential market.

Sydney, one of our lead project managers, researched the options and created a customized solution that included 4-color offset printing and the USPS Every Door Direct Mail services. This customized solution allowed the client to cut cost on printing, postage as well as list acquisition. We didn’t stop there though, we went a step further and worked magic with our in-house graphic designers to rework the design and layout so that the piece was not only professional but would stand out.

All eight Austin area locations were able to reach a targeted audience within a one mile radius of their centers. By wowing the customer with a great design, offering direct mail solutions that saved over a thousand dollars compared to standard bulk mail rates and providing cost cutting printing options the client was able to increase their reach for less and is now planning their second multi touch direct mail campaign for their other locations.

Sydney says it takes longer to plan but it is well worth it.

April 19 / 2013

Successful Fulfillment and Digital Printing

Carle at the copier

Some fulfillment jobs come in like maverick waves and when they do it’s all hands on deck. On a recent project for a national bank, every component required digital color printing so of course we turned to our Ricoh 650 and Ricoh Pro 901 color laser printers. 150 kits included large full color labels, saddle-stitched booklets, coil bound books with tab, flyers, envelope stuffers and so much more. Having the redundancy of both Ricoh copiers allowed us to work through the night and into the next day without any down time. Relying on a solid project plan and a dedicated team of people who love fulfillment work, we were able to ship out these kits ahead of schedule. There were some fun challenges to deal with like varied quantities of documentation based on location but the QC manager stepped in and confirmed all individual shipments were correct and ready to go.
April 16 / 2013