New Website

Welcome to the new website — let me know what you think.  This is actually a “reskin” for our website to help us better with search engine optimization (SEO).  Because we are a franchise, Google


EDDM Mailings — What’s with all the buzz?

The post office is spending all of this money advertising EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) mailings — what are they and what’s the big deal? For most people doing mailings, postage continues to be the


Daily Deals — Do They Work for Merchants?

I have been talking a lot with merchants about the pros and cons of Daily Deal sites.  I would be interested in hearing more from merchants who use them about what type of repeat business


Mailing and the cost of postage

As you have probably already heard, the post office has announced as expected an increase in postage costs for 2012.  What does that mean for you and your marketing budgets if the increase goes through


New website and blog

We have officially launched our new website and blog. I am really happy with the new branding and identity and we spent a lot of time working on all of it as well as making

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