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Your Data Base May Be Costing You Money

A clean data base is the foundation of good marketing

Personlization in Print Makes a Difference

Don’t Forget the Power of Personalized Printing and Mailing

Personalized mail can engage all the senses to drive improved response rates.


The Power of Repackaging

Repackaging your thoughts, your plans, pictures of work can become a valued leave behind for your business

Leveraging Popular Trends

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse Guide from CDC is Now Available

I came across the headline above while on the Internet and it intrigued me, as it did millions of other people who clicked on the headline. “What – the government actually believes that a zombie

Gala-Customers in dress up

There’s 1 to 1 and I recently found “1 to 0” Marketing

It’s easy to become “ranked” when you are the only one.

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What Most Marketers Forget About Branding is Positioning

Too many marketers believe branding is about great visual, and a tag line. And it can be, but it won’t be something that is sustainable or differentiating in the long-run. Taking the time to go

Post-it note

The Power of a Post-it – the original “share button”

The Post-it is the right size for all those notations of things you MUST do and says “LOOK NOW!”


Content Creation Alone is a Dead End

If you regularly develop content then you must consistently promote it. Develop a process to promote it and see your content really soar.

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Timing is Everything

Whether it’s that job opportunity, by chance meeting someone famous, or just catching the earlier commuter because you were there at the right moment, timing is everything. This holds true for content marketing and sales

Airport Parking Done Right

Park n Go Airport Parking Great Case Study of Filling a Gap

If you have not yet heard of Park n Go you will; only if they can get past your city’s and local airport’s old-guard protectionism, which is trying to stop them from setting up shop.

Content Close to Consumer

The Best Content Strategy is Closest to the Intended Audience

Traditionalist communicators tend to build their content strategy around placement in mass media. What I’ve noticed from website visit reports is that this strategy creates an immediate increase in site visitors that quickly disappears. This


Communities, Tribes, Groups, = seminars, conferences, networking

Many people get confused and behave differently in the social space than they would at a “club” or association meeting or cocktail hour. Whenever I train executives on social media and social selling I try

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