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Increasing Demand With eBooks

Books and coffee seem to be a good fit. You can see people in coffee shops across the world sipping lattes and reading a good book. Years ago Barnes & Noble decided to put Starbucks in their stores and now most bookstores offer a coffee service. So I guess it’s only natural that the world’s first book vending machine would be called the Espresso Book Machine. These machines will print and bind a perfect bound book faster than you can drink a Grande Cappuccino. (more…) Read article →

Get Off the Tail

AlphaGraphics LongTailGraph

What's the tail? In 2004 Chris Andersen popularized the concept of the long tail distribution model for retailers. The idea hinges on growing a business by selling less of more. Amazon is a great example of a long tail business model. By offering a simple way for authors to list and sell their books, Amazon has attracted millions of authors (and become a multi-billion dollar operation). Well that’s great for Amazon, but what about all the millions of authors like yourself? Do you want to sell less of more? I doubt it. You want to move off the tail toward the head and eventually make it to that thin sliver of blue at the top of the chart. (more…) Read article →