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Direct Mail Wins Again

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Direct mail is one of my favorite things!

That’s right, I said it. That declaration isn’t backed with a fake “it’s just my job” enthusiasm. I legitimately enjoy direct mail projects. That’s because time after time, direct mail proves itself as one of the most effective ways to reach current and prospective customers.

In an age of primarily electronic communication, it’s dire that direct mail campaigns are perfectly executed. The recipe for that is this— a targeted mailing list, a unique design, and a hook to prompt a response. Those three things will set any campaign up for success.

Don’t share in my enthusiasm? Still skeptical about the effectiveness of mailings? Take a look at this informative article from Mindfire’s David Rosendahl. He proves that once again, direct mail outperforms digital channels by a whopping 600%.

Once you’re convinced (or if you still need convincing), contact AlphaGraphics to discuss the details of your own direct mail project! 812-471-7100


February 22 / 2017
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Part of the Team: Shadowing with AG

A few times a year, we have the opportunity to host a group of middle school students through the Junior Achievement Job Shadow program.

Last Friday, we hosted seven bright and creative students from Castle North Middle School. These students were paired with AlphaGraphics for the day because of their interest in design, graphics, and communications.

The team kicked off the day with a tour, followed by some hands-on branding training. It was really encouraging to see them work as a team and practice clear communication. They put their heads together and came up with their own name, tagline, and logo. From there, designer extraordinaire Lucy Grisham helped them design a custom logo and poster.

Walking them through the branding process not only showed them how we help customers, but also how to work as a team within the workplace.




Here’s a look at the final product!

JA Castle Middle School Poster They were truly a pleasure to have around the office and we can’t wait for the next time.



February 06 / 2017
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Taking Control of Your Work Day

Man fingers setting priority button on highest position. Concept image for illustration of priorities management.

We’re a society that loves to talk about how busy we are.
And so many of us are legitimately swamped.

For example, how many times have you been driving home from work and despite staying busy all day, you ask yourself, “What did I actually get done today?” Between phone calls, emails, meetings, special requests, project management— the day can fly by and you still have a full to-do list.

I attended an ad club meeting today and the presentation was focused around prioritizing your days and sticking to that efficiency plan as much as possible. The speaker, Michael Goeke, explained that even in this age of multitasking, it’s best to be purposeful with focusing on one item at a time. If you’re like me, multitasking is second nature! However, Goeke’s point lead me to the realization that there are plenty of times I should (an have the ability to) focus on one task at a time. By doing that, the task is completed more quickly, more efficiently, and bonus– you have more time to knock out all those other pop-up needs.


Some other great takeaways he mentioned:

  • Blocking off time for high priority tasks and projects
  • Being okay with saying “no” to unnecessary meetings
  • Keeping your electronic (or paper) calendar up to date and sticking to it
  • Assessing all tasks and knowing which ones are most important for the day
  • Setting aside time each day to plan and organize (I know this seems impossible on busy days, but it really does help with flow for the rest of the week)
  • Turning off email alerts— they can be real time thieves if they’re popping up and distracting you all day

Even though a few of those seem impossible to do, tackling even one can be a step in the right direction. In the words of French author Anotione de Saint- Exupéry, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


January 19 / 2017
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AG at the Bridal Show

AG wedding

Wedding printing doesn’t have to be complicated! That’s the message we shared with brides and grooms to- be last Sunday at the Courier and Press Wedding Expo. The event had a great turnout and we truly enjoyed hearing everyone’s dreams for their big day.

Check out the Courier and Press story on the event here.








If you or someone you know has a wedding coming up, we’d love to help them simplify the process.

We offer:
-Custom Design Services
-Save the Dates (Optional mailing services included)
-Invitations (Optional mailing services included)
-Seating Chart Signage
-Monogram Napkins
-Table Numbers/Place Cards
-Floor Graphics
-Custom Drinking Glasses 
-Guest Favors
-Thank You Cards

… and much more!


 Give us a call today or stop by to set up your wedding consultation. We promise you won’t find better customer service and assistance anywhere else in town.

The AlphaGraphics Team




January 11 / 2017
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The Truth Shall Set You Free! (From Your Online Printing Woes)

Blog Pic

In this day and age, a lot of people prefer online shopping to in-person. While it seems convenient, it’s not always the best way to go when it comes to printing.

Often times we have customers come to us in a panic because they’ve ordered through online print vendors, only to be met with an array of problems- wrong artwork, delayed shipping, unmet expectations. They started their online order with the big dream of saving money, and find themselves at our office days later, telling us the saga of their ongoing headache.

So, I did an experiment. Just how much money are customers saving by ordering their print products online?

I chose 250 business cards as the focus of my experiment.  I compared an AlphaGraphics quote with the pricing of two major online print vendors, and here’s what I found:

Online Vendor A
-250 color business cards
-Double-sided printing
-Non-custom/canned design
-Heavy, smooth cardstock

$100 + $35 shipping for 3 to 4 day turnaround

Online Vendor B
-250 color business cards
-Double-sided printing
-Non-custom/canned design
-Heavy smooth cardstock

$45 + $25 shipping for 3 to 4 day turnaround

-250 color business cards
-Double-sided printing
-Half hour of professional design time
-Heavy, smooth cardstock
-Optional delivery or in-person pickup

$67.68 for 3-4 day turnaround


And the winner is— AlphaGraphics! (Wouldn’t it have been awkward if it wasn’t?)

Anyway, not only did AlphaGraphics reign as most affordable, but we stand by the quality of all our print services. There’s just something comforting about shopping with a local business, knowing you can stop by anytime to check out paper samples, review your design, or meet with an actual human.

In addition to saving you money, we only make promises we can keep—and we promise quality and extraordinary customer service.


Elisabeth Osborne
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

December 21 / 2016
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New School Year, New Look!

Believe it or not, summer 2016 is in its final days! Here in southern Indiana, the corn fields are ready for harvest, the days are hotter than ever, and the kids have already started a new school year.

Several schools decided to kick off the fall semester with brand new graphics. Just to name a few, we’ve partnered with Harrison High School, Castle High School, Evansville Lutheran School, Reitz High School, and Washington Middle School. Take a look below for a few examples!

Harrison High School
Our friends at Hafer managed the design portion of the project, and we handled the printing and installation. The material used is an adhesive vinyl, great for flat, smooth surfaces like drywall.

Castle High School
Acrylic panels with stand offs + sign letters
Heat-applied adhesive vinyl
Castle acrylics

Castle FB decal

Castle locker room

Evansville Lutheran School
Adhesive Vinyl, Window Vinyl


ELS Fruits of the Spirit

With a custom design and some imagination, there are endless great ways to add some appeal to your commercial or residential space. We’d love to put together some ideas for you!

And speaking of our large format department, we are looking for a new team member! If you think you’d enjoy these type of projects and have a design/signage/installation background, email your resume to



Generational Differences


I attended a great seminar yesterday as part of the Southwest Indiana Chamber’s Family Business Alliance, which dealt with working through generational differences in a family business.  The seminar was created and led by Dr. Greg McCann of McCann and Associates.  Dr. McCann is an expert in the field of coaching businesses and is an owner in a family business himself. He is also a professor and founder of Stetson University’s Family Enterprise Center.

Our daughter, Emily Manzo, who is VP of Sales and Marketing for AlphaGraphics , was a participant on a panel of 4 GenYer’s who are all in leadership roles in their family business. The panel did a great job in discussing the virtues and difficulties of cross generational relationships in business. We all took a lot of notes and there were great discussions surrounding what is a very hot topic in today’s workforce.

Here is what we are fairly certain of from Dr. McCann’s talk:

  • By 2025 75% of the workforce will be from Generation Y.
  • They embrace change, can be audacious (in a positive way) and want to be a part of the process.
  • They are the leaders in technology and innovation.
  • They prize relationships and want to have partnerships in the workplace for learning and for teaching.
  • They crave authenticity and transparency.
  • They are agile in their approach and can multi-task well.
  • Those were just a few of the statistics and proven qualities of this important generation in our world. We all need to recognize this value, embrace it, and work to make sure the cross generation culture is healthy in our businesses.

    The other,  and maybe most important element in our discussion was this- every generation- including the traditionalists (Ages 71-94), Baby Boomers (Ages 52-70), Gen X (Ages 36-51) and Gen Y/Millennials (Ages 16-35), have incredible depth and breadth of knowledge, work ethic, ideas, values, and worth to bring to the table to sustain a successful business.

    My personal hero as a business person was my father, a lifelong corrugated box executive, who left this earth way too early. He would be 93 now, and as a business person he embraced the younger generation, sought counsel from them and gave plenty of counsel to them. He was a pioneer in crossing all racial barriers and was instrumental in forming a minority supplier workforce coalition in Evansville. He was a tireless community worker and advocate for business in our region. He cared for people a lot more than he cared for process, but he was remarkable with both.

    I can only imagine how he would feel seeing his son, daughter-in-law, grandson and granddaughter owning and operating a family business together. He would have loved to watch the millennials operate. And so do I! The key to success in any organization is how we communicate with each other. I encourage you to step back, take a look at your organization, and make sure you are taking action to engage across all generations. We all have a lot we can learn from each other.

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    Spring is in the air!


    Hard to believe the days are getting longer, sunset is a little later, and some signs of spring are in the air! The great thing as everyone knows about Southern Indiana weather, just hang on, it will change. Spring is a great season in the printing business, and one I would encourage you to consider in your business planning. We are already getting into the heart of producing banners for baseball fields, golf tournament packages including hole sponsor signs and registration kits, and trade show items including complete booth design and production, bannerstands, wall and floor graphic displays, and a host of items. Maybe this is the year you choose to do a graphic lettering or complete wrap on your service or delivery vehicles affording you 24/7 advertising of your brand. Maybe this is the year you throw out or re-do your company website and need a new look.

    Whatever you need from print and web design to finished printed product, we stand ready to serve! I would encourage you to do it now! Don’t wait and miss the opportunity to take advantage of a fresh new branding initiative that could drive customers to your product and company throughout 2016. Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have all the answers! That is what we are here for. Contact any of our dynamic sales and marketing team, Elisabeth, Emily, Lisa or Rita to set up a consultation about your print and marketing communication needs. It would be our privilege to serve you. Spring is in the air- enjoy each day!



    February 19 / 2016
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    Superbride Sunday!

    Excitement is building as Super Bride Sunday, February 7, is quickly approaching! This stellar bridal event is firmly rooted in our community and everyone knows it falls on the same day as one of the most watched sporting events. Here are a few facts you might find interesting about the stars of the upcoming game.

    At 39, Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos (and formerly the Indianapolis Colts!) is the oldest quarterback to ever play in a Super Bowl. He embodies sportsmanship, plays the game intellectually and comes from a family dynasty that will forever be admired by football enthusiasts. He is a five time MVP and was the 1st pick in the 1998 NFL draft. He definitely falls into the traditional player category!

    Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers is just 28, and throws himself into every game as if it’s his last. He is smart, sometimes brash, and always exciting to watch. Cam represents the contemporary players in the NFL and has blazed new paths in his career, winning the Heisman Trophy, the National title for Auburn and was the 1st draft pick – all in 2011! His first game in the NFL, he threw for over 400 yards, breaking whose record? You guessed it – Peyton Manning’s!

    Brides are usually categorized as traditional or contemporary as well. For either, AlphaGraphics offers many choices of custom or pre-designed invitation packages.   We also provide floor graphics, party favors, shower invitations, signage, table cards and more.

    We invite you to visit us at Booth #58 on Super Bride Sunday to view samples and meet our team of experts. Come and see for yourself how we’ve simplified wedding printing.

    Oh, and after the event, there’s going to be a great game to watch!

    AG370 Wedding Logo

    January 26 / 2016
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    What are you looking forward to this year?


    Our team has suggested I start a blog this to kick off 2016. I agreed to do it. Then I realized I had to come up with my own content and try to make it interesting and relevant. Maybe I should have reconsidered my offer! having said that let’s give it a whirl.

    The easiest thing for me to begin with at the front end of a new year is a brief look back. Our world in small business operations looks very different than it did when we started out in 1993. The way folks do business in general has totally been re-invented. Having said all that it is important for me to recognize and give thanks for a group of customers who have been faithful and supportive or AlphaGraphics over the past 23 years. You all make what we do here a rich blessing, and our crew pours their heart out to make sure we are doing everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations with each and every printed piece we produce, be it a sign for your business wall, a logo design, a website creation, or your personal business card or letterhead. We exist to serve you! And you have our heartfelt thanks. We hope to continue to be your print partner for decades to come.

    And to our fellow team members, several who have exceeded or are approaching 20 years of service with us- we could not do what we do without your dedication and commitment to excellence. We thank you for another year full of fast paced production, second to none design work, non-stop customer service, and always providing us with fun and hard work and a family environment. You guys are simply the best.

    Finally, if you have not given AlphaGraphics in Evansville an opportunity to provide you with assistance and partnership with your marketing communication and visual products, may we ask for that pleasure in 2016? We wish you all the best in this brand new year. And this will be the last blog looking back, because we don’t do that well- rather looking forward to serving you in the new year!

    Thanks for reading!

    Tom Slade, Owner


    January 12 / 2016
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