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Direct Mail Wins Again

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Direct mail is one of my favorite things!

That’s right, I said it. That declaration isn’t backed with a fake “it’s just my job” enthusiasm. I legitimately enjoy direct mail projects. That’s because time after time, direct mail proves itself as one of the most effective ways to reach current and prospective customers.

In an age of primarily electronic communication, it’s dire that direct mail campaigns are perfectly executed. The recipe for that is this— a targeted mailing list, a unique design, and a hook to prompt a response. Those three things will set any campaign up for success.

Don’t share in my enthusiasm? Still skeptical about the effectiveness of mailings? Take a look at this informative article from Mindfire’s David Rosendahl. He proves that once again, direct mail outperforms digital channels by a whopping 600%.

Once you’re convinced (or if you still need convincing), contact AlphaGraphics to discuss the details of your own direct mail project! 812-471-7100


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