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It’s Time to Promote Your Business!!

Promotional Products are an excellent way to brand your business. Your clients and prospects will receive items that they can use on a daily basis and you will be receiving the piece of mind that every time they use them, they will see your logo. Need help getting started? Here are the top ten most useful desktop promotional items for businesses.

1. Promotional Calendars
Calendars are perhaps the most essential accessory to any cubicle. Even in today’s digital world, everyone needs a calendar in their direct line of vision. Giving clients a branded promotional calendar will keep your logo in front of their faces 365 days a year.

Promotional Calendars


2. Promotional Pens
As technologically advanced as the world is, pens too are still a necessity. Giving clients and customers promotional pens will ensure that your logo is exposed eight-fold, since studies have proven that during its lifespan, a promotional pen will have approximately 8 owners.It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-2

3. Promotional Mugs and Drinkware
According to the National Coffee Association, 57 percent of Americans drink coffee every day. For those Americans that drink it at work, there’s nothing more useful than a promotional mug. A promotional coffee mug will sit on their desk, displaying the logo all day long. Similarly, promotional travel mugs will ensure that your logo is seen as users tote the mugs along on their commutes.

Promotional Mugs and Promotional Drinkware

It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-3

4. Promotional Notebooks
Keeping a notebook handy is always useful, even for the most tech savvy individuals. Promotional notebooks can be taken into meetings or can be used to jot down things like to-do lists. Custom imprinted notebooks will be kept on the desk of the users and logos will be seen.

Promotional Notebooks

 It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-4


5. Promotional Memo Clips
They say that a messy desk is the sign of an organized mind. Regardless of whether or not this is true, the one thing that everyone needs is more organization options. Promotional memo clips will showcase your logo and give users easy ways to organize important documents.

Promotional Memo Clips

 It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-5


6. Promotional Post-It Notes Every cubicle dweller needs Post-Its. Promotional adhesive pads are extremely useful for jotting down notes while on the phone or writing down a quick reminder. Your company will receive the added bonus of logo exposure since your branding will be seen every time they need to look at the note.

Promotional Post-It Notes

 It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-6


7. Promotional Stress Balls
Squeezing a stress ball is an effective form of tension release, something that everyone can benefit from now and again. In addition to being beneficial, promotional stress balls are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some people enjoy collecting these fun items and displaying them on their desks, which means that your logo will be exposed as well.

It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-7

8. Promotional Water Bottles
Over half of all Americans (54 percent) drink bottled water, and about 36 percent of us imbibe regularly (more than once a week). Sales have nearly tripled in the last decade, to about $4 billion and over 12 gallons per year per person. In the workplace, most businesses supply employees with, and offer guests, water. Promotional water bottles make great gifts/giveaways and promote healthy living. What better way to promote your business than Promotional Water Bottles?

It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-8

9. Promotional Mouse Pads
While there are some companies that provide laptops to their employees, most offices today are equipped with desktop computers. Promotional mouse pads make excellent trade show giveaways because they are items that people need. Recently, ergonomic mouse pads that feature wrist rests have become highly popular with users who spend hours at their desks.

Promotional Mouse Pads

It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-9


10. Custom USB Flash Drives
USB flash drives have become a staple in the business world because of their usability. These handy items allow information to be easily transferred from one work station to another. Flash drives, sometimes called memory sticks, are perfect for traveling executives who need to tote along PowerPoint presentations to meetings. If that isn’t cool enough for you we also offer USB flash drive PENS! They also work well for employees who want to take work home with them.

Custom USB Flash Drives

It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-10

It's Time to Promote Your Business!!-11


Every year people spend thousands of hours sitting at their desks. In the past twenty years, working time has increased by 15% while leisure time has decreased by 33%. Why not help your own business by providing these busy workers with promotional desktop items? Let us at AlphaGraphics help you find the right promotional product for your business TODAY!







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