The Rise of New Media

66 percent of social media participants note that interaction with brands online has made them more loyal to those brands. Over the past decade, the world’s stage has become bigger. We no longer rely solely


The Exploding World of Mobile Marketing

Smartphones are always on the cutting edge of technology, paving the way for how we communicate with each other on a daily basis. From these high-tech devices we’re able to do more than just make


Finding Success in Email Marketing

Believe it or not, one of the most common forms of online marketing also gets some of the best returns on investment – email marketing. With well over 90% of consumers using email on a


Five Ways to Improve Local Search

Five Ways to Improve Local Search Remember when the standard phone book held all the answers to local business searches? If you were looking for a plumber, you’d simply open to the P’s and find


Customer Engagement: Not a Passing Fad

Customer engagement is nothing new and is anything but a fading trend. It is through customer interactions that growth for your company can be achieved. Without knowing what your customers like and dislike about your


Make Direct Marketing Relevant to Your People

Incentives also go a long way toward bringing people closer to your marketing campaign…When done correctly, direct marketing doesn’t appear to be marketing at all! When direct marketing pieces are custom-tailored to their recipients, people


Building Reliable Brand Advocates

Have you ever wondered how small burger joints or mom-and-pop stores still exist in a market run by fast food franchises and grocery store chains? While they may not bring in tens of thousands of

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