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5 Ways Good Customer Service is a Game-Changer for Your Brand

It’s something that’s been drilled into your head since your very first job: “always treat the customer with the utmost respect.” Offering quality customer service is a core tenant of most business’, and for good reason. The difference between good customer service and poor customer service can mean the difference between a sale and a lost conversion. And, more importantly, it can make or break your brand’s reputation. Just how important is the idea of good customer service? Let’s take a look at 5 game-changing scenarios where customer service plays an integral role in how your brand succeeds or fails: 1. Reputation:  Customer service is so important in terms of brand reputation that there are entire digital platforms dedicated to it! From Yelp reviews to Google recommendations, there’s no shortage of metric for evaluating customer service. Not coincidentally, this is also where new and prospective followers of your brand are going to look first. If your customer service is praised, it’s a good chance you’ll gain a positive reputation. 2. Trustworthiness:  People trust those who are nice to them. If you foster a quality relationship with your customers by providing exceptional service, they’ll trust you in other ways—including for recommendations or advice. This opens the door for healthy sales, repeat customers, meaningful interactions and sustainable business. No one is going to do business with someone they can’t trust! 3. Value:  Showcasing a high level of customer service means building the value of your brand and any products it offers. If your products are priced higher than a competitor, for example, you need to instill value in your offerings to help people equate your higher price to a great value to them. Superior customer service is a premier way to do this. If your competitors are cheaper but don’t follow your lead for customer service, their product is going to be diminished by comparison. 4. Brand advocacy:  Have you ever heard the phrase, “…and they’ll tell two more?” It’s in reference to having a positive experience with something. It holds true for great customer service, as well. If your customers receive superior treatment when interacting with your brand, they’ll tell people. When those people have that same experience, they’ll tell people. The domino effect keeps on toppling and, as each person tells two people, your brand advocates grow exponentially. 5. Employee accountability:  Encouraging your staff to offer “above and beyond” customer service creates a level of accountability within your business and helps each team member thrive. If an employee goes the extra mile, recognize their efforts and help them own that interaction. If someone is slacking or not putting in the effort, work with them one on one to help them feel more invested in their interactions. Building a culture of superior customer service means having a team that enjoys doing what they do. Exceptional customer service shows itself in many ways. It could be taking a few extra minutes to help a customer resolve their unique problem. It might mean greeting a regular client with a smile and a friendly conversation. Or, it could mean rising to the occasion to provide a solution that earns the business of an upset customer. Whatever form it takes, however, great customer service equates to all of the above benefits and beyond. Read article →

He Should Have Been My Customer…

When I'm conducting a training session with business owners or sales people I often ask "What do you sell?" The answer is usually the same; a long list of products and/or services.  It is as if the participants are looking at a menu board or a brochure and calling out what they see there. My next question is "Why does your customer buy these things from you?" These answers tend to have a similar theme as well…"because they need it"…"because I’m the cheapest"…"because I offer a quality product". Technically, none of the answers are wrong, but I don't believe these are the right answers either. If you really stop and think about what you buy, and why you buy it from the company you currently buy it from, I think you will see what I mean. (more…) Read article →

A Letter from Your Customer

Ever wonder what your customer really wants to say to you? We have polled a few and put it in the form of a letter. Dear Business Owner, I'd like to do business with you, but lately you’ve made it difficult. I've taken a minute to share some of my thoughts. If you’ll implement even a few of them, I can see us having a long-term relationship that will be good for both of us
  • If I send you an email, chances are I don't want to or can't use a phone at the moment. Please, just email me back. After all, it's not about how you want to sell, it's about how I want to buy.
  • If you say you are open at 8:00 am and closed at 5:00 pm, then open at 7:50 am and close at 5:15 pm. No one exceeds my expectations these days, but I never forget when they do. Delivering more than is expected is vital to developing a strong brand image.
  • I don’t mind an upsell, especially if it makes my life easier. If you know there is a good chance I’m going to need another product later to go with what I’m buying now, please tell me so that I don’t have to make an unnecessary trip to your store.
  • (more…)
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November 15 / 2011