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7 Tips to Create a Great Learning Experience

Have you ever had a great learning experience? Maybe it was a fantastic presentation that captured your attention from beginning to end, or a training class that left you completely energized instead of drained at the end of the day?  What was it that made the event so memorable, and how can you recreate it during your own training sessions? Keep these tips in mind next time you’re leading a training group.

  • Stay positive – Create a fun, stimulating and positive learning environment that makes everyone feel comfortable.
  • Keep everyone involved – People learn best when they are active and participating in the learning process. Don’t be afraid to call on people if you have a quiet, uninvolved group. As one training expert puts it: “Learning is not a spectator sport.”
  • Add variety – Mix things up during the class by using a variety of presentation materials and methods. Get people moving, add activities, and create experiences that allow the attendees to use all of their senses.
  • Be social – Most people learn best in a collaborative environment where they have the opportunity to interact with others.
  • Include mental snaps – The average adult attention span is 20 minutes. Adding mental snaps every 20 minutes will help keep your group awake and alert. Tell a joke or a story, show a short video clip or ask a random question.
  • Don’t lecture – Adults learn and retain information much better in a facilitation environment versus lecture environment. Create opportunities for conversation and lead discussions instead of just spewing forth information.
  • Watch like a hawk – Keep an eye on your group. Observe body language and facial expressions. Are they engaged, tired, bored, excited? All of those things give you a good indication of how to move forward with your group.

 Add variety by mixing things up during the class. Get people moving, add activities, and create experiences that allow the attendees to use all of their senses.

Posted by Shannon Winzeler

She has held a number of positions in her 11-year career with AlphaGraphics. Currently, she is the Manager of Events and Training. Shannon is passionate about working with people and delivering quality training and customer service experiences.