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Two-Sided Window Graphics – Happy Cats

Two-sided window graphics can be a challenge. Can you access both surfaces? Are both surfaces protected? Do you need different materials inside and out? What is the cost of printing versus installation costs?

Foothills Animal Shelter Cat Condos . Outside view of two-sided window installation.

Foothills Animal Shelter Cat Condos (outside)

Foothills Animal Shelter had a specific challenge – two-sided window graphics that blocked the lower portion of the glass cat condos!  Best practices indicate that cats don’t appreciate the on-going movement and visibility around their environment.


Foothills Animal Shelter Cat Condos . Inside view of two-sided window installation.

Foothills Animal Shelter Cat Condos (inside)

On the technical side, the window graphics were printed on Duratex 8 mil Double-Sided Display Film.  We printed this thin white film on both sides on an HP Latex printer. After we printed the film, we applied Briteline Mounting Film. 

This approach to two-sided window graphics had several advantages for this application:

  • We chose a two-sided window installation because the material costs for us printing two-sided was less than our cost for two installations (inside and outside).
  • We installed the graphics on the outside of the cat condos so we did not need to disturb the cats!
  • The installation was on the outside of the condos because the animals and cleaning would not damage the graphics.
  • The single installation allowed for a quick and easy install.

We could accomplish a two-sided install in reverse if the situation called for it. On an upper story window, we could install double-sided graphics from the inside of the building, and do it safely and with little equipment!

At AlphaGraphics, we can print and install a wide range of materials to accommodate various mounting surfaces, conditions, and situations. Surfaces range from windows to bricks. Inside or outside. One-sided graphics versus two-sided. Transparent or opaque. Removable or permanent. Our experience and range of materials and equipment can solve most application challenges!

The end result is that we had a quick, easy, and cost-effective installation of two-sided window graphics. And happy cats!




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