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Lamination: Options and Benefits

Whether you are trying to create luxury real estate signage or add a unique touch to your personal brand, lamination effects add value and durability to your project.

At AlphaGraphics 5280 we have the ability to add lamination to your prints! Not only can we laminate items such as business cards and brochures, we can accommodate large format lamination as well.

Some of our options include: pouch-lamination, liquid UV coating, matte, gloss, or soft-touch lamination.


Lamination occurs when enclosing a print between two sheets of plastic film. It protects prints from stains and moisture, increases the lifetime of a print, and adds vibrancy to the overall color.

Types of Laminate

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Laminating films are most commonly used to extend the life of a print, enhance the appearance, or add texture to the surface.

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Soft-touch lamination has a smooth and rubber-like texture that adds a luxurious feel. This option is an excellent choice when wanting to offer high-quality appeal on materials such as business cards or company branded items.

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Gloss lamination produces a high-gloss shine that has a glassy type texture. Gloss laminate enhances the vibrancy of colors on a print. It is a great option to increase the durability of your prints. Most commonly seen on business cards, pocket folders, and menus.

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Matte lamination offers a flat visual sheen. It eliminates the overall shine or glare from reflecting light. The matte option protects paper well and is an excellent choice when wanting to add quality to prints at an affordable cost.

Luster is a type of lamination that exits in between gloss and matte sheen. It has it’s own satin-like finish. A popular choice when laminating business cards.

Lamination: Options and Benefits-5UV Coating occurs when a clear liquid is applied to paper and then dried by ultraviolet light. It provides a high-gloss or subtle matte finish. UV coating can be applied to the front and back, or just one side of a product.

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Pouch lamination is a quick option for laminating items such as posters, name tags, and price sheets. Pouches are an 11×17 plastic film that have a pre-sealed short-edge which feed through a lamination machine. The pouch is heated and then adheres to your print.

Popular Uses for Lamination

  • Restaurant and Bar Menus
  • Maps and Bookmarks
  • Membership Cards and Business Cards
  • Sales Presentation Materials
  • Showroom and Trade Show Materials
  • Pocket Folders and Book Covers

Large Format

Most of the lamination options mentioned above are also available for large format printing. However, UV or pouch lamination cannot be achieved.

Lamination: Options and Benefits-7Additionally, there is non-slip which is a clear laminate with a gritty/non-slip texture. Ideal for  creating floor-graphics in higher-traffic business areas.


Lamination: Options and Benefits-8

Optically clear is another option for laminating larger graphics. It is essentially an ‘invisible’ film that protects material. This adhesive can resist condensation and scratches.

Lamination adds a special touch to your personal or business materials. Guaranteed protection, unique textures, print longevity, why wouldn’t you opt in for lamination?!

Call AlphaGraphics 5280 at 303.422.5400 to speak with a specialist and customize your prints needs today!

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