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Customized Vehicle Graphics

Have you considered adding graphics to your daily commuter or a company vehicle? We’ve got you covered!

At AlphaGraphics 5280 we provide design services to help you create customized graphics that you can take on the road. What a great way to self-advertise! Already have a design? We are still here to help. Let us handle the printing and installing your graphics.

Company Cars + More

We have the tools and expertise to customize company vehicles suchCustomized Vehicle Graphics-1 as trucks, vans, and special equipment. Wrapping a company car not only adds visual appeal. It also offers free advertising for your business.

Customized Vehicle Graphics-2

Custom Event Car

It is common to add graphics that include a company logo, slogan, and contact information.



Check out our new vehicle graphics for the AlphaGraphics 5280 company car!

Customized Vehicle Graphics-3

Customized Vehicle Graphics-4

Customized Vinyl

If you are looking for a full or partial vehicle wrap, we have a variety of options to stylize your vehicle. Customized Vehicle Graphics-5We can print any color or design on vinyl. We can also cut vinyl material to any shape desired. And we even carry specialized vinyl such as carbon fiber vinyl. This type of vinyl offers a neat textured look, great for solid hood panels or bumper panels!

Material Options

Beyond vinyl, materials used for vehicles include: window perf, laminated wrap films, and car magnets.

Customized Vehicle Graphics-6

Window perf

Window perf material contains miniature holes. This allows you to see out while the other side is printed. Cool!

Laminates are offered in three finishes: gloss, luster, and matte. Different laminates allow you to customize the sheen of your graphics.

Customized Vehicle Graphics-7If you prefer a less permanent car graphic, consider a magnet. Magnets are another great way to advertise for business! Plus, AlphaGraphics 5280 can cut custom shapes and sizes.

Customized Vehicle Graphics-8

Utility Box: Custom Wrap

Wrap it up!

Wrapping something unique? Perhaps a food cart, teardrop camper, or wood chipper? We can do that too!

Customized Vehicle Graphics-9

AlphaGraphics 5280 Install team

Customized Vehicle Graphics-10







AlphaGraphics 5280 is here to help. Please inquire within for more information regarding vehicle graphics!  303.422.5400


Customized Vehicle Graphics-11



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