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Bricks & Clicks in the Print World

Just like the rest of the world – the world of print and imaging has changed dramatically over the last few years, but it has changed at even a greater rate with the advent of Covid19 related concerns. As a result of these changes, the importance of both bricks & clicks becomes even more evident.  Bricks are, of course, provide the availability and accessibility of meeting in-person and “meeting” actual products.  Clicks, implementing the ordering process on-line, allow nearly 24-hour interactions to occur, and the ability to order and buy from the ease of an office chair or smartphone.

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The best of bricks & clicks is to provide both!

Clicks Pros and Cons!

Some of the advantages of Clicks in the print and imaging world:

  • Order from office or home or on the go
  • Design and proof on-line
  • Pay on-line
  • Manage inventory on-line
  • Structure administrative approvals on-line
  • Maintain order history and re-orders on-line

Disadvantages of Clicks?

  • You really need to know what you want to order
  • Not all variations or special requests can be dealt with on-line
  • Shipping may cause delays (and expense)
  • Returns are difficult

Bricks Pros and Cons!

Without being too redundant – there are some key advantages of a “bricks” location:

  • You can feel the product. The weight and texture of paper, for example.
  • There is some instant gratification of actually picking up a product
  • The ordering experience can be enjoyable (people and environment)
  • You don’t feel you are lost in the “giantness” of the internet
  • The AlphaGraphics approach to printing and imaging is consultative. Using the right process and product is critical to your success!
  • The culture of the company comes across in the buying process
  • A partnership is developed by meeting the people working with you

From a perfectly selfish point of view, here at AlphaGraphics, we find the accessibility to our locations and people are absolutely critical. We find that if a potential client comes into one of our Centers and actually sees the breadth of what we provide and the skill of the people at the Center – they become a client/partner!  On the flip side, once an on-going relationship is developed with a client then we often set up on-line ordering portals designed specifically for their products.  Clearly, the relationship and trust are built through “bricks” and people, but the ease of use and value provided by on-line ordering seals the deal!Bricks & Clicks in the Print World-2

There are an entire population and client base that knows exactly what they want – and don’t need or want to interact with people! For them, there are on-line ordering facilities that accommodate their needs. At AlphaGraphics, we have developed a site for ordering gallery-wrapped canvases, posters, and prints on metal of your photographs and images –  Design on-line, proof on-line, pay on-line, and delivery to your door!  We also recognized the need for specialized signage to deal with the re-opening of businesses (related to Covid19), as a result, we have developed several ordering sites that cover everything from floor graphics to sneeze-guards (

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