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How to Combine Digital and Print for More Effective Marketing Campaigns


Now, more than ever, print and digital marketing can work together to create more effective campaigns. In fact, digital marketing has seen a complete refresh due to the impact of COVID-19; digital marketing will never be the same.

We are now at the stage where people have become accustomed to the uncertainty and the idea that social distancing and restrictions will be around longer than expected. Rather than complaining about the potential damages and shift of vertical markets, it is more practical to focus on the possible ways of maximizing productivity in reduced industries.

By using print as an extension of your digital marketing efforts, your campaigns can maximize more effectively than with digital alone. In markets that are quickly changing, digital marketing assumes the challenge of trying to keep up. Print can help drive traffic to your digital channels.

Print marketing materials come in many forms, including posters, direct mail, sales materials like manuals, and catalogs, and even business cards and stationery. Signage is also an important aspect of print marketing. By using these tangible items to reinforce the messages you send on digital channels, you can add authenticity and trust to your campaigns and make a greater impact.

The Challenges to Digital Marketing

Though we have yet to see the long-term economic effects of COVID-19, recessions and job losses have already been prevalent and could be set to continue. Digital marketing is no different and it is usually one of the first areas to get hit by budget cuts. For the businesses that have decided to cut back on their digital marketing investments, the damage may only be realized in the long run. This will be noticed in reduced sales, engagement, online traffic, and falling in the search rankings. Digital marketing practices take time to build influence and deliver results, and it might be several months before SEO and SEM techniques begin to take effect.

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Digital Content and Printing

Social media is a vital component of digital marketing, but it’s not the only tool. Through your social platforms, you can build relationships, converse with customers, and turn customers into advocates. Using print marketing strategies can bolster these efforts.

One of the ways to combine social media and print is to use printed materials to direct consumers to your social platforms. Include your social media handles on all printed marketing collateral, so customers and leads know where to find you online. You might even take it one step further and advertise exclusive content within your print pieces to gain new followers on a particular social platform. In that case, set up an autoresponder on your brand’s account for when someone new follows you, and share the content piece within that automated direct message.

It can also work the other way—social media can strengthen the effectiveness of your print and signage campaigns. Social media offers a wealth of consumer data beyond basic behaviors and demographics, that you can use to create highly targeted print materials or direct mail campaigns. You might find success using this data to entice leads with targeted freebies like content or giveaway items.

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