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Roll-Up Banners 101

Roll-Up Banners 101-1

Roll-up banners and other types of banner stands offer perhaps the best value for any type of marketing/information display. They are highly portable, easy to set up, customizable with graphics and accessories and are fast and inexpensive to ship. Highly versatile, they can fit well in any size exhibit and can be used in a multitude of events and environments, such as meeting rooms, lobbies, trade shows and conferences, restaurants, airports, retail spaces and more! Roll-up banners and other types of banner stands can easily add branding and messaging in any space, no matter the size.

Options are available for all budgets. Banner stands are offered at several prices, ranging from economy to premium, making it easy to find the solution that best fits your needs and budget. Some basic questions include:

  • What is your budget?
  • How often will you be using the sign (taking it up and down)?
  • Do you need to change the image and how often?
  • Specific requirements: size, one or two-sided, lighting, etc.

We find the most common stand used is the roll-up banner. It comes in various sizes and price points. Although the image can be changed – we need to do that on behalf of our customers. They can last for years and be used over and over – if handled properly. Roll-up banner challenged? Check out our video on how to properly put up and take down a roll-up banner!

Roll-Up Banners 101-2

Proper Way to Put Up and Take Down Your Roll-Up Banner

We don’t manufacture the stands themselves – we buy them from a number of manufacturers. Included below is some great information from one manufacturer that describes several types of banner stands that are available including retractable (roll-up style), telescopic (variable height), spring back (X-banner style), fabric frame banners and backlit banner stands. All banner stand graphics are printed using state-of-the-art printing equipment and processes, ensuring that your graphics and message pop!


Retractable or roll-up banner stands are one of the most popular displays available. The banner easily retracts into the base, allowing for quick set up, storage and shipping. A large selection of retractable banner stands are available in multiple sizes and materials.

The premium range of retractable banner stands come with a lifetime warranty and unique, high-end styling points, features and functionality; these stands can be used daily and are meant to last.

Mid-range, standard retractable banner stands come with at least a five-year warranty and provide reliability, durability, and ease of use. They are good quality, are affordable and incorporate sleek design features.

The economy range of retractable banner stands provides basic design features, essentials, and functionality at a low price point. These stands are reliable for limited multipurpose use.


Telescopic banner stands can adjust in width or height to fit any exhibit space. A versatile solution for your next event.


The perfect banner solution for any budget. Spring Back X-Banner Stands are an economy option suitable for a variety of environments. Quality and affordability in one display.


Tension Fabric Banner Stands feature high-quality stretch graphics and are available in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. Highly portable displays are available in single and double-sided options.


Make your messaging stand out from the competition. Vector Frame backlit displays use LED strip lighting to provide bright, effective messaging that delivers an impact in retail, events, trade shows and more!

Interested in other marketing and signage options for your office, trade show, meeting or convention? Check out our on-line Exhibitors Handbook to get a feel for the range of possibilities!




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