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Casey Garrison

About Us: Casey Garrison

Get to Know: Casey Garrison Our company culture is fueled by the passion and commitment our employees bring to work every day.  Our team is made up of fun, engaging, smart people who share their

2019 Marlow's Tavern

Community Partner Spotlight

Marlow’s Tavern Community Partner Spotlight What makes Marlow’s Tavern the “place to be” for families, friends, co-workers and more? At Marlow’s you will find some of the best American tavern fare.  They are known for

Business Cards

Business Cards Build Your Brand

In today’s digital world, you might think that the traditional business card would be obsolete, but, contrary to that way of thinking, modern business cards are more relevant to your marketing than ever before. Your


Market Like A Boss with A Vertical Marketing Plan

What is Vertical Marketing? Market Like a Boss with a Vertical Marketing Plan in 2019.   Vertical Marketing focuses on a specific niche and target audiences in a custom manner. Business types often vary and


Vertical Marketing in the New Year

Vertical Markets focus on a specific niche and target audiences in a customized manner. Businesses offer goods and services specific to an industry, trade, profession, or other groups of customers with specialized needs.  Contrary to a horizontal


The Psychology of Color

Understanding the influence color has on our world is crucial to building a compelling portfolio of marketing collateral. A study from 2006 found that we make up our minds about other people and products within 90 seconds,

Hello Summer_dreamstime_s_87815463

Beat the Atlanta Heat and Boost Sales!

Beat the Atlanta Heat and Boost Sales! July in Atlanta brings long hot summer days.  The kind of days that conjure up thoughts of “Shooting the Hooch” and playing hooky at a Braves Game.  Are your


Hashtags: Myth or a Reality?

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a (#) hash mark. Some people may call this a pound sign. But in today’s world, hashtags are a relevant marketing tool that is used to


How important is your store front sign?

Advertising your business means keeping all your “marketing-balls” in the air at one time. It can be a lot to juggle the many components of Brand Marketing. It’s a full-time job to stay on top

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