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Let Your Banner Stand Perform Continuously

By Mark Lee

Increasingly, companies are finding greater marketing value from the use of banner stands.  These lightweight pop-ups are affordable and easy to use and can carry a powerful sales message in a small package.

banner stands
Use your banner stand to promote a special sale, introduce a new product, direct foot traffic or anchor a trade show booth to entice audiences.

A wise marketer will keep the stand out of the storage room when the show is over. Let it perform continuously in a variety of places.

·      Business lobbies
·      Exhibit halls
·      Product showrooms
·      Retail point-of-purchase
·      Fundraisers
·      Sporting events
·      Theaters
·      Concerts
·      Shopping malls
·      Wherever desired audiences are present

Banner stands offer a clean, sleek design that is understated yet powerful.  They fit the advice offered by Cassie Paton, writing in, who recommends keeping your exhibit space uncluttered.

“Even if you have a larger booth, that doesn’t mean you have to fill up every available square foot just because you can,” Paton writes. “A booth can be sleek, uncluttered and attractive, applying  the design principle of using negative space to your advantage. Less is more, as they say.”

Banner stands also allow you to freshen the graphic message often and affordably. Banner stands typically cost from under $50 to $300. That’s a rather small investment for its potential value.

When choosing a quality banner stand, there are important factors to consider. Key priorities are attractive appearance, affordability, performance versatility, simplicity of installation, durability, and performance life of the stand. Cost efficiency and confidence in product performance should be the focus, not necessarily the cheapest price.

Banner stands come in different widths and various maximum heights. Most popular widths are 24″, 36″ and 48″ models. Some banner stands extend to heights of 118″ while other models reach 72″ high. They consume small footprints.


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