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Business Signage: What Type of Sign Is Best For My Company?

Business signage possibilities are only limited by the scope of your imagination. Now that seems like a nice sentiment, but the seemingly infinite options make it difficult for business owners and decision-makers to dial in


Poor Signage Can Signal Poor Quality to Potential Customers

By Mark Lee  – For many businesses, poor signage can be as bad as no sign at all.  A Sign Research Foundation survey found that nearly 50 percent of American consumers report they have driven

Car Wrap

Car Wraps Introduce Your Business to More Customers

By Mark Lee  – Is your car just a car? Wrap it. Four wheels, motor, doors and windows and a shiny paint job?  It could be so much more than basic transportation from Point A

banner stands

Retractable, Pop-Up Banner is Powerful Marketing Tool for Your Company

By Mark Lee  – One of the most innovative developments in the history of marketing signage is the portable pop-up banner. They have become ubiquitous at trade shows, shopping malls, airports, corporate lobbies and dozens

backlit signs

Make Sure Your Signs are Readable

By Mark Lee  – Every sale starts with attracting the customer’s attention.  And signs play a big role in making that all-important first impression that can lead to that first purchase and long-lasting relationship. Are

Hospital Sign

Business Signs: The Silent Salesperson

By Mark Lee  – Signs can be an essential component of a business’s overall marketing strategy. A sign that contains a business’s logo can help reinforce its brand. Signs are also used to draw attention

Magnetic Graphics _ AlphaGraphics

Magnetic Signs Do Their Job: They Attract Customers

By Mark Lee Let’s face it.  We like our cars. They play important roles in our lives – from glorified taxi moving kids to doctor’s appointments and sporting events to boosting our egos as one

Put Photo Enlargements to Work for Your Business

Put Photo Enlargements to Work for Your Business

By Mark Lee We’ve all heard that bigger is better, but nowhere is that old adage more true than when it comes to showcasing great photos in a marketing setting. Many businesses have experienced the

Menu Boards add Pizazz to the Customer Sales Experience

Menu Boards add Pizazz to the Customer Sales Experience

By Mark Lee From a simple black and white chalk board look to sophisticated multi-color design, menu boards are among the best sales tools a restaurant owner has.  For best response, create menu boards that

Put the WOW Factor over an Old Wall or Tired Storefront

Put the WOW Factor over an Old Wall or Tired Storefront

By Mark Lee Some of the best ways to maximize your marketing message are the simplest. Take window and wall graphics, for example – a great way to boost your brand awareness or take your