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Hashtags: Myth or a Reality?

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a (#) hash mark. Some people may call this a pound sign. But in today’s world, hashtags are a relevant marketing tool that is used to identify a keyword or topic of interest.  It helps people search for posts and information on a specific topic on social media platforms. It’s like an index or quick reference tool.

The hashtag has become a prominent part of today’s culture.  It is recognizable by most people and used daily in marketing campaigns.

But even the savvy marketer can still overuse or underuse hashtags and some still don’t know how to effectively use them to boost their brand.

Marketers today know the value of connecting and promoting their product or service on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. Not only will posting on these platforms expand your reach and educate the public about your offering, but the social media platforms connected to your website will increase SEO (search engine optimization) and help to validate your website.

The use of hashtags to categorize information is used by corporations, individual, sports teams, non-profit organizations, school groups, friend groups, and many more. When using hashtags across all social media platforms, remember these few simple guidelines to ensure they do the trick to promote your brand.

Keep it Simple

Create hashtags that are short and easily recognizable.  For example, #printing #digitalprinting #graphicdesign #banners may be used to group posts for a printing company.

Don’t use too many

I find three to five tags are a good number to ensure success.  Loading your post with too many will only deter followers.

Be relevant

Make sure your hashtags are relevant to the subject matter of your post.  If your subject is graphic design stay on topic and be consistent. Use these #graphicdesign #design #marketing.

Do your research

You can search hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to see which have the highest number of followers and which best fit the message you are sending.

Establish your own hashtag

Establish a hashtag for your company or organization and use it every time you post.  Using #alphagraphicsga on every post ensures our readers and followers will find our posts easily.

So, the answer is Yes! Hashtags are relevant and a reality.  Not a marketing myth.

Why are they important?  Hashtags will:

  • Create awareness of your brand
  • Add your post to a searchable database for all to see
  • Help people find you
  • Raise awareness of your campaign or initiative
  • Promote your event
  • Connect with prospects and clients
  • Can increase SEO on your website

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