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To Infinity and Beyond:  Direct Mail Can Take You Places

A successful direct mail campaign can increase sales, identify new clients and drive prospects to your site and social media platforms.  Make sure you have all the necessary components in place before starting and create a long-term plan for success.

Similar to other marketing channels, you want to first start with accurate data. Review your existing prospect and client list.  Segment your list in categories that reflect who you want to engage with. Once you have built out your list for the direct mail campaign, start defining their journeys and building out your direct mail campaign

Create a targeted message and schedule to reach the right people with your database  

Your prospects and customers are unique, so treat them that way. Use all available information including your CRM, marketing automation platform, and external sources to gather prospect data to personalize the campaign experience.  Use variable data to make sure the message is personal.

Be as individual as you want

A good campaign can target your groups with personalized messages based on their demographics, spending habits, business type and much more.

Timing is Everything

Timing is a major influencer in response rates, so is the timing of your direct mail campaigns. Make sure your direct mail offers are connecting with your audience in the right medium at the right time.

Professional and Enticing

Create beautiful and enticing marketing pieces that will catch the eye of your prospects.  Use brilliant colors, high-quality materials, fun, and memorable inserts.  In many cases what you send is your first impression. So make sure it is a good one.  Consider every aspect of what you send whether it be a card, invitation, postcard, or promotional items. Even the envelope is important!

Track your Direct Mail Success

In the preplanning stage make sure you have the key components in place to track the success of your campaign. As you build out your direct mail offerings, make sure to set up your programs in a way that makes it easy to track results.  Things you will want to analyze:  Audience Size, Budget, Cost per Lead, Response/Conversion Rates, Buyers, Proft. Use these data points to calculate the success rate of your campaign and make changes going forward.

AlphaGraphics will partner with you through the whole process. We can help you identify your target market; build a database of customers and prospects; select the message form best suited for your audience; produce and send your materials, and even help track your marketing campaign results.

Call us today to learn how we help you GET BUSINESS.

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