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Want to Stand Out? Try Our Spot UV and Raised Spot UV Printing

To promote your brand effectively, your marketing must stand out from the crowd and make a
powerful impression on your target audience. But how do you add that extra degree of
effectiveness to everyday printed materials such as business cards and brochures?
AlphaGraphics in Austin and San Antonio has a sleek, state-of-the-art answer – spot UV and
raised spot UV printing technologies that bring visual depth and textural appeal to your print
marketing pieces.

Want to Stand Out? Try Our Spot UV and Raised Spot UV Printing-1

Spot UV printing is also known as spot gloss or spot varnish printing, although technically the
technique itself is considered a coating process rather than a printing process. If you’ve ever
marveled at a business card that combined gloss and matte effects on the same surface, then
you already know how dramatic this technique can appear. We apply varnish to selected
elements of your offset-printed piece, curing the varnish through UV exposure to achieve the
final result. Spot UV printing not only adds strategic shine and a smooth feel; it also deepens
the colors of the varnished spots to make those spots “pop” visually.

Raised spot UV can achieve even more compelling effects by raising your marketing game to
a whole new level – literally. In this digital printing process, the UV-cured and varnished areas
of your printed piece are actually raised off of the surface, with the option of additional
texturing (such as pebble-grain on the image of a football, or the individual strokes of font
characters). Raised spot UV doesn’t just stimulate your audience’s visual sense; it also
engages the haptic response, employing touch as a powerful sensory trigger to help deliver
your marketing message.

Our AlphaGraphics team can create the most effective spot UV or raised spot UV design for
your needs, and then bring it to brilliant life. We can even offer foil stamping as a “specialty
add” to bring an extra sparkle of silver or gold to your design. Contact us today, and let’s
make you stand out!


Posted by Carle

I am a lifetime photographer, goofball and communicator. Turns out that’s a great blend for this industry. I care about what looks good and I help others achieve their goals.