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The Power of the Portal: agOnline for Multi-Branch Businesses

Managing the print marketing needs of a multi-location enterprise can get messy. If you have
branch offices throughout Austin, San Antonio, the state of Texas, the entire nation or the
entire globe, you can run into some serious logistical confusion. Lack of communication
and/or inconsistent branding among these various locations can waste time, effort, and
money while reducing the overall effectiveness of your company’s marketing strategies. The
good news is that, when you rely on AlphaGraphics for your print design and production
needs, you can take advantage of the “power of the portal” – namely our online ordering
portal, agOnline.

The Power of the Portal: agOnline for Multi-Branch Businesses-1

AgOnline is our interactive platform for Web-to-Print solutions. We give your organization its
very own branded site that serves as an ordering portal for any of our print services, from
everyday needs such as business cards letterhead to full-color brochures and slick, elegantly-
bound catalogs. Your site is securely password-protected, but it also gives any authorized
employee the ability to place orders and re-orders quickly and easily. This means that your
branch offices can take care of their own print requirements on an as-needed basis. The fact
that each branch is ordering from a centralized source ensures consistent branding and the
same high standard of quality with every order.

Even if you currently maintain only one location, agOnline can vastly simplify your print
ordering process. We can populate your branded site with the specific types of print pieces
you order most often, placing these must-have pieces at your fingertips whenever it’s time to
order or re-order. You’ll enjoy an amazingly degree of fine control over your portal. You can
set up multiple sites for different businesses or departments, assign different levels of user
permissions and purchasing processes, and much more.

Call AlphaGraphics today, and put the power of the portal to work for you!


Posted by Carle

I am a lifetime photographer, goofball and communicator. Turns out that’s a great blend for this industry. I care about what looks good and I help others achieve their goals.