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Marketing Mojo | Perfecting the Customer Experience

Why developing a customer service & experience mindset is just as important as your end product. Forbes contributor Chris Cancialosi recently posted an article about why Customer Experience is so important, even for small businesses.


Marketing Mojo | A Perf-ectly Good Solution to Privacy and Protection

How to advertise, personalize and protect your retail, office, school or home space using window graphics. In every police procedural drama on television or film, there is at least one scene of the suspect staring


Marketing Mojo | 5 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

Promoting Positive Growth through Networking and Outreach After a frigid February, it’s finally starting to feel like Spring, and that means it’s time for things to start growing. I’m ready for the color green again.


Marketing Mojo | Good Words vs. Good Values

Writing Persuasive Copy that Sells I went through a phase about a year ago where I thought I was being smart by ordering things for super cheap on Amazon based on the average customer reviews.


From The Design Desk | Luxury Print on a Budget

6 Cost-Efficient Ways to Achieve Luxury in Print A quick scan of any type of print category on Pinterest will show you that people love luxury printing. Letterpress, diecutting, foil stamping – all of these

Direct Mail Perspectives | Direct Mail for Women

Direct Mail Perspectives | Direct Mail for Women

How to Tailor Your Message to a Female Audience Gender-specific marketing can be a touchy subject. You want your message to resonate with the right people, but there are better ways to approach it than

Marketing 101 | Design Thinking

Marketing 101 | Design Thinking

How Design Thinking Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts I think a lot of marketing strategies use what I’ve decided is the Field of Dreams approach to a problem. “If you build it, they will come.”


Marketing 101 | Fun and Festive Flair

Tips and Tricks for How to Succeed with Holiday Marketing Every year, I tell myself I won’t get excited about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It’s tradition in my family to put up our tree over


Marketing 101 | Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy

Knowing when to focus on push, pull, or pricing marketing strategies can help you most effectively grow your business. As small businesses, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by trying to put together a marketing plan.

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Marketing 101 | Distilling Your Unique Brand

Sometimes to find the right things to say about what makes you unique, you have to ask the wrong questions. I always hated writing research papers for school, despite the fact that I loved creative