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Marketing With Signs

Marketing With Signs-1There are not many businesses that are in business as a hobby. Most businesses want to sell something and make a profit. Duh!

Part of making a profit is letting customers and potential customers know about you as well as you can, as efficiently as you can and as cost effectively as you can. This means raising your company identity and brand awareness. Identity is the blending of your creative visual elements of your logo design, marketing communication materials, banners, stationery and signs.

Small businesses and organizations need to gain visibility and build brand recognition in the minds of their target markets. One way to do this fast and cost effectively is with signs; signs of all types, size and shapes. By putting your company identity on things like lawn signs, point of purchase displays, banners, grand opening signs, window clings and vehicle signage, customers and prospects, both will be introduced to your brand efficiently and effectively.

When thinking of marketing with signs think about these:

  • Build familiarity with your target market by placing a sign near a high traffic location where your target market is.
  • Use attention-getting signs to draw attention to your trade show display.
  • Make a memorable impression with point of purchase display signage. This includes any thing used in the retail environment: banners, door signs, counter display signs, table top displays, wall posters and the like.
  • Sell with menus; not just restaurants but for any retail products offered.
  • Announce events
  • Direct customers and prospects with instructional posters and directional signage.
  • Attract new customers with special offers and incentives
  • Brand recognition – create top of mind awareness by placing your logo, colors, company look and feel in front of those that could by from you, over and over and over, with signs.
  • Create impulse sales – visit a store because a sign was observed in the busy, cluttered space of marketing messages.  

The use of signage to market a business is only limited by your imagination and your desire to put your marketing message right between the eyes of your target market members. Get creative. Take advantage of size. Get attention. Get remembered and most of all get talked about…..all with creative signage. 


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  1. Love your signs!!! -Abby Knox (Abby Wood) from Essex HOA Management

  2. The amazing potential you guys have for making any kind of sign we want as companies is fabulous, and I am really impressed with all that you can do! Thank you, Alphagraphics, for bringing us the best choices for our marketing needs! Suzanne Karhu

  3. The window clings are catchy and have vibrant colors to choose from! Love them! – Rachael Fisher

  4. People can relate the sign to the business and it streamlines throughout the whole business.

  5. What a turnkey operation AG has turned into! I will definitely make use of many of the new sign services in the near future!

    Sean Kirk MILDEF International, LLC

  6. You guys are really the one stop shop! So excited about all the new options that have been added recently.

    Rachel Calhoun

  7. Love the variety of services/options AG is offering!!

    Robin Dodson
    All Sorts Mailing Services, Inc.

  8. I am totally excited to show these ideas to my boss! what a fun way to make my business cute!
    Katie Murphy @ Dirty Dawgz Plano

  9. Excited to see what the new division is gonna churn out! And I most definitely love your signs more than Abby Knox (Abby Wood)!

    Bear Busby – Air Balancing Company, Inc.

    1. That’s Abigail Elaine to you, Bear.

  10. AG is the best! Love all the new sign options!
    Robin Jones w/Reliable Reports

  11. So many choices but noticed your trick word trade “shoe” 😉 AG rocks (Kelly Bagby Jordan)

  12. I really like all the new sign options and look forward to using AG in the near future!

  13. natalieschuessel November 20, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    I love your printing!! When you send out the gift bags with the name tags they are so NICE!! I need to get some business cards after the holidays and will be ordering from your company! 🙂

    1. natalieschuessel November 20, 2013 at 2:55 pm

      wrong last name on above comment. Its Natalie Wood 🙂

  14. I love all the ideas in this blog and couldn’t agree more with your comment’s for small businesses! Today everything is about branding and the more we can get our logo in front of people’s faces the better!

    Thanks! Jordan from DCJ Dance

    1. Jordan Kemph – sorry!

  15. It is so wonderful to see how much AG has expanded and we have no doubt we will be able to utilize your new products for all of our events and tradeshows coming up in 2014. Thanks for all that you do!
    -Heather Skorupa (Grabowski)

  16. The new options that are available are great! Whenever I need something you will be the first one I go to! 🙂

    1. The new options that are available are great… whenever I need something you will be the first one I go to!
      Jill Koski – Claes and Greenoe Marketing (CGMG REPS)

  17. With New Large Format Signs now available at Alpha, we will now be able to order all the items for a Trade Show together – ROCK ON ~ Cheryl Stamper

  18. BTW ~ This Game is a GREAT Idea to help us learn more about all that you guys do! Love It ~ Cheryl Stamper

  19. I’m so glad you have opened up a sign division. It’s getting to where I can use you for virtually anything! Thanks Alpha Graphics!!!!! (Especially Sally, Kim & Chrystal! Without you guys, we’d be in trouble! You make my job a lot easier!) — Tabitha Norwood, Texoma Print Services.

  20. Thanks for all the great tips! Will share the info with my colleagues! Mark Ceron

  21. There is so much that can be done. We could offer lawn signs to our parents. It would allow them to show support for their player/cheerleader and give our league more exposure. Misty – Carrollton Youth Football League.

  22. You’re right, no business is in business as a hobby. Signs allow businesses to stand out from their competitors. They provide great exposure!

    1. woops, forgot to leave my name darn it!! Stephanie Ewen for sdewen.

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  27. Signs are also good for ads AND mile markers on races like 5K and 10Ks.

    Jim Klenke-Terrell Daily Photo

  28. Love you guys at Alphagraphics Carrollton. You have become my one stop shop for printing and marketing materials. Love the new marketing tools you have to offer. Cant wait to start our new season so I can start ordering.

    Rachel Garcia – Affiliated Multifamily Services, Inc.; Affiliated Roofing Commercial, Inc.; Affiliated Residential, Inc.; Affiliated Contracting Services, Inc. – Dallas

  29. Love this! Love the products! Love the games! -Jessica Harrison

  30. Like the wings of the mighty eagle, your services and abilities reach far and wide across this great land of ours.

  31. Yard signs are great exposure for organizations as recognition and promotion.
    Nichole Haile

  32. Love the idea of signs on the company truck! Susan Seloff

  33. Glad to see the new print options with the flatbed printer – excited for your expansion. Valeri Gillenwater

  34. November 20, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Can’t wait until I get a chance to quote one of these. Kristi Huber

  35. Love the versatility this new equipment provides. Joanna Oliver, EmCare

  36. As a marketing professional, I completely appreciate the opportunity for using all types of signs/banners to create and increase awareness as well as many other uses (directional, news, etc.).

    We, at McCoy PTA, love Alphagraphics and plan to continue using you all as one of our preferred vendors. Thanks. Laura B. Shepherd

  37. I love Alphagraphics! Great products and great service! Dedra Rainey

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    Ayanna Baldwin 🙂

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    -Kim Hornback

  40. Signs are everywhere and after reviewing your catalog of banners and signs that are available, it’s opened my mind to how much marketing possibilities are available. I’m hoping to start up my Advocare business again so I will be looking for some creative ways to get my business out in the public’s eye.

    Melanee Brown

  41. I can’t wait to think of something that I need and have you guys print it up for me!!!!
    Rebecca Lattis-Cole

  42. Great growth and great timing! Thanks for the info and the ease that there is in working with AG!

  43. Great Growth and great timing? Thanks for the info and the ease that there is working with the team and the online ordering!
    gayle pugh

  44. Sky’s the limit with your new products. Advertising is a must for all businesses. Kuddos for making it easy to be creative. Kathy Ce

  45. Fun products to think about new ways to market your own company.

  46. Branding is so important

    Randy Staples

  47. Love the floor signage!

    Kristen Yates

  48. I can’t wait to get going well enough in my business to start getting things from you. I can only imagine how great they will be!!

    Malinda Robertson

  49. We love Carla B and Alphagraphics! Congrats on being able to do more. I love that y’all don’t just coast but improve as you age!

  50. I forgot that the Cindy above is Cindy Walsworth!

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