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Modern Day Branding and Identity

Modern Day Branding and Identity


Take just a minute and think, What does your brand communicate to your targeted audiences?

You have the company colors, a logo, maybe a tagline and a certain look and feel and a target market. When thinking of branding and identity you have to think about how all of these work together for your branding promise and your company identity. Printed material, signs, your online appearance, all represent the core of any branding and identity effort. Think about putting your best foot forward when meeting new prospects and reassuring current customers.

Your branding and identity all relate to your positioning, your story, and your promise. It sounds all encompassing because it is.

Stand out from the crowd

A company’s identity makes up the core of any marketing plan.

We have identified five key branding and identity elements that no marketing plan should be without:

  •  Brand position
  •  Brand promise
  •  Brand personality
  •  Brand story
  •  Brand associations

Once you’ve firmly established your brand image, communicate it through web design, email marketing, direct mail, business card packages and much more.

Lets look at a few primary components of branding and identity:

Corporate identity

Corporate identity or company identity typically consists of first impression items. This includes letterhead, business cards, presentation folders, envelopes, packaging, brochures, fact sheets and more. Don’t forget about being consistent on line with identity as well as off line. Corporate identity items reinforce your company message as well as the “look and feel,” of your company. Consistency of “look” is very important throughout all your on and offline communication.

Direct mail marketing

Direct-mail marketing is highly targeted and theoretically should hit your target market right between their eyes. Whether your campaigns consist of postcards, letters or packages, consistent branding and identity will help to keep your company at the “top of mind,” for your customers and prospects. Repetition is key, not only with messages but also with identity, look and feel.

Banners, Signs and Exhibits

Banners and signs get your identity, message and image in front of those that see it. Everyone that sees these represent potential customers. Whether it is a trade show, promotional or celebratory event or in store retail display, banners, signs and exhibits can extend your branding and identity as well as all other printed communication.

Consult with an Expert

Lastly, make sure you work with an expert when developing branding and identity. Not only do you need an expert for the printing of material but many times an expert can save you lots of time in the areas of design, execution and fulfillment that goes hand in hand with all on and offline communication.


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