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The Best Content Strategy is Closest to the Intended Audience

Traditionalist communicators tend to build their content strategy around placement in mass media. What I’ve noticed from website visit reports is that this strategy creates an immediate increase in site visitors that quickly disappears. This strategy leads to success if all you are after is visitors. But most of us want engagement.

Filtered Content Means Less Success

You can’t rely on placements in Mass Media. Any editor or media that is likely to edit, summarize or change your content isn’t the optimal channel for your content. You want your reader to have a direct connection to you, and your content as you intend it.

Those that have the need to know what you know, want it unfiltered and straight from the source. Mass Media will almost always edit your message, which can be detrimental for you.

The same content, unfiltered, will have maximum impact and broader distribution from your network sharing it, creating more engagement. Mass media placements can jump-start your effort, but may not attract the audience you are after. Social media distribution has a level of impact that mass media placements can’t; mainly, the capability to engage with the author and experts directly at the time they are engaging with the content.

Ultimately,the closer the content gets to the intended person, unfiltered, the better the strategy.

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