Your Data Base May Be Costing You Money

A clean data base is the foundation of good marketing

The foundational elements of your data base erode slowly but surely without proper maintenance, and it’s costing you dearly. Research points to the cost of keeping your data clean; it costs $1 per contact upon entry to verify the data, $10 to clean it and verify it later and $100 per contact if left as is. This points to an ongoing need to make sure your data is maintained through deliberate and actionable effort.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t take the time to maintain it or don’t have the resources. Get the help by understanding what bad data is costing your firm.

Posted by AlphaGraphics Cary | N. Raleigh

Eric Webb has over 30 years experience in both online and traditional marketing and he combines that experience with all the tools and platforms of his AlphaGraphics Cary | N. Raleigh team of designers, printers and marketers that take what you want to the next level.