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LinkedIn Growth Creates Frightening Engagement

Stop with the unsolicited emails in LinkedIn

I was doing some research on LinkedIn’s growth and read where they just passed the 500 million members. Their goal is to get to three billion! Like any company, growth presents problems.

LinkedIn’s growth has garnered a slew of programs and strategies that are changing engagement on the platform. For one you no longer need to gain an introduction to a second degree contact from a first. There are programs that allow you to reach them in their LinkedIn email box.

Unfortunately, it’s turning the platform into a mass email system. I get contact requests from second degree contacts and if you accept, within days or hours sometimes you receive a solicitation. Really?!

What marketers are recommending this strategy? LinkedIn’s research shows 92% of executives say LinkedIn’s content draws them to a website to engage with another company. So it’s amazing that lead generation experts are recommending unsolicited emails within LinkedIn as the answer.

Anything that is super easy to do is likely not valued by your clients or prospects. That’s why I advocate different channels for different purposes. Email can be very successful but most executives don’t go to LinkedIn to be sold. They go to learn, and educate themselves.

Feed that need first and they will beat a path to your door.  Even our single Contract Research Organization Printing page has educational content for project leaders because we know project leaders want the education. Direct mail is much better for prospecting. And while many may argue that you can leverage email or social media communities and gain more responses even though the percentage is low. What most people neglect to understand is that you are also reaching a lot of people that have no interest and only hurting your brand and reputation.

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