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Spray Paint Tagger Turned Artist Paints Way for New Thinking

For many years there have been street painters expressing themselves. Recently I came across a young gentleman who used to be a “tagger” and now uses his spray painting artistry to create art. It’s amazing to watch how the paint is applied and manipulated into artwork, signs and useful visual communications.


The reason why I think this is relevant is that businesses tend to let our history of what we do or use dictate what we decide to do in the realm of visual communications. Spray paint would not normally be thought to be used to develop art on the small scale being applied here. Yet, someone visualized it could, and by changing the surface to be worked on, the former “tagger” can manipulate the spray paint in different ways – pushing it around on the surface and wiping certain sections away.

As business owners we need to rethink the tools we use and where we use them. Have you always created your literature on 80# Futura smooth paper? Maybe it’s time to look at textured paper, or Pearl-essence or a metallic look. Use white ink to be more dramatic. There’s even paper with embedded seeds. We used this paper ourselves for last year’s Spring Newsletter Issue.

In the print industry there are myriad ways to develop a stunning visual communication that people will remember and hold onto. As creative marketers we need to make our clients aware and our clients should be asking.

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