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Useful Application with Story Telling

Why have just a calendar when you can have an adventure in that calendar.

I came across this Specialty Papers review of a calendar that not only provides the recipient the date but tells a story along the way. What a fantastic idea! A useful tool that could be used to tell your brand story. Imagine your story unfolding each month in some EPIC Adventure or historical review.


We provided personalized calendars but wish I had seen this bit of inspiration. The artwork is great and it’s a simple two-color print job. It does have laser cutting which can be expensive but there are other ways to get similar effects using different materials.

The way it is packaged is impressive as well. The video explains the work. If you have similar examples please share. One thing we try to be at AlphaGraphics Cary is a collaboration center.

Sharing ideas and helping clients tell their stories in a unique and memorable way requires true collaboration from concept to implementation. We’re ready when you are to make a bigger impact.

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