Make Your Virtual Meetings More Engaging

As more people spend time in front of screens to collaborate with clients and peers, it’s easy to multitask and be disengaged. We all do it. It can’t be helped.

There are ways to keep your group engaged. Below are some tips:

  • Start with some “small talk” to engage in one on one conversation.
  • Within the first three minutes have someone else or the group have to do something. It could be a vote, make a list and share it.
  • Open up the “chat” function so people can ask questions,  become part of the conversation without interrupting. While we see each other on screen, it’s still easy to interrupt so people tend to hold back.
  • Your agenda should have a variety of topics if more than 15 minutes
  • Open the “shared whiteboard.”
  • Be personal. It’s ok to share something about yourself.
  • Share your agenda ahead of time and stick to it.

Some additional tips would be to send everyone a box of goodies. It could have some candies, raffle tickets to engage the audience in a little fun, a notepad, etc. Creating an engaging virtual meeting doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little forethought you can be as engaged online as you are in a face to face meeting.

Posted by AlphaGraphics Cary | N. Raleigh

Eric Webb has over 30 years experience in both online and traditional marketing and he combines that experience with all the tools and platforms of his AlphaGraphics Cary | N. Raleigh team of designers, printers and marketers that take what you want to the next level.