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virtual meeting

Make Your Virtual Meetings More Engaging

As more people spend time in front of screens to collaborate with clients and peers, it’s easy to multitask and be disengaged. We all do it. It can’t be helped. There are ways to keep

LInkedIn Ideas for Optimization

Top LinkedIn Profile Optimizations Every Executive Should Know

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how LinkedIn Optimization can grow your business.

Inmail Sponsorship

Sponsored “Inmail” Module Cluttering My Inbox

In peer group meetings I keep hearing about companies that are using the Sponsored Inmail service. The program allows you to narrow the contact list to your target audience  by titles, industry and even geography

Gala-Customers in dress up

There’s 1 to 1 and I recently found “1 to 0” Marketing

It’s easy to become “ranked” when you are the only one.


Content Creation Alone is a Dead End

If you regularly develop content then you must consistently promote it. Develop a process to promote it and see your content really soar.

Content Close to Consumer

The Best Content Strategy is Closest to the Intended Audience

Traditionalist communicators tend to build their content strategy around placement in mass media. What I’ve noticed from website visit reports is that this strategy creates an immediate increase in site visitors that quickly disappears. This