Bring Your Vision to Life, No Matter How Big or Small!

Our client, Miller Street Dance Academy had their annual Recitals these past two weekends with the theme, “There’s an App for That”. They asked us if we could help them bring their idea to life – creating a giant iPad to use for the backdrop of the show, which would feature various apps during each performance.

Our team went to work right away. Using 1/2-inch-thick Gator Board, we cut, created and installed the biggest iPad we’ve ever seen… 26.5 feet wide, by 16.25 feet tall! The installation took over 4 hours to assemble, reinforce, raise and fasten onto the video screen. The finished product was a huge success!

At AlphaGraphics South Charlotte, our team is always looking for ways to bring your creations to life, no matter how small (or large!).  Call us today to schedule your free consultation at 704-849-9292.



Posted by Katie M. - Director of Marketing

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