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Why Print Letterhead?

The idea of using letterhead has been around for quite a while.  Developed as a way for businesses to have access to their own custom stationary became standardized and all legitimate businesses used it.  It’s purpose was clear: to notify the receiver of a message from a business of it’s sender’s authenticity and communicate something about the integrity and quality of the business’s brand it represented.  Because of its obvious purpose, letterhead was regularly ordered buy businesses who recognized the vital role it played in their communications inside and outside the office.

Chicago Letterhead Examples

Here are two examples of some letterhead we have printed at AlphaGraphics Chicago North.

What’s changed?
Nothing really, but the accessibility of personal printers has made some businesses think that they can print their letterhead using a small inkjet or laser printer.  The issue is that real letterhead must be printed on a traditional offset press.  Anytime something that was printed on with a digital printer, such as an inkjet or laser, the heat from the printing process will smear, damage and degrade the previously printed image.  It doesn’t look good and its certainly does not look professional.

Do more and demonstrate the quality of your business!
Offset letterhead printing allows you to do more than you could ever do with any kind of digital printer.  Foil stamping, metallic inks, raised inks, and more can all be utilized in your letterhead. It’s the subtle differences that you put into marketing your business that really effect how your customers perceive you.  Using more advanced printing methods communicates to your audience that you invest in your company because you believe in your company and it demonstrates the quality of your business.

Read more about our letterhead offerings here.


You save!
It’s hard to believe, but considering what you get and the cost and hassle you save by not attempting to print letterhead on a cheap digital printer, it really does help your bottom line.    With letterhead printing there really is no worthwhile alternative.

With AlphaGraphics Chicago North, we are one of the few commercial printers that offers authentic letterhead printing and our cost to quality ratio is unmatched for other providers of this service in the area.  We understand what a crucial piece of collateral quality letterhead is to the vitality of your business and we are excited to get started on your much-needed letterhead today!

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