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Getting Creative with Brochure Folds at AG

Brochure Fold Printing Options Chicago IL 60611

Brochures are a powerful way to communicate a lot of information in a concise and clear way.  Your aim in producing a brochure could be advertisement, informative, or somewhere in between, but your goal should be to compel your audience to attentively read information that you think is important for them.  With brochures being such a powerful piece of marketing collateral, its a shame that people often think about brochures so narrow-mindedly.  What we mean is that with brochures there are so many more options that you have than a simply trifold like what you pick up at the doctors office… bleh.

It’s All In the Fold

Great design, carefully created content, and high-quality printing all play an important role in creating a stunning brochure, but one of the best ways to create a piece that will help to get that extra look from your audience is by mixing it up with different folds.  It sounds silly, but straying from the standard tri-fold brochure can help to pull your audience in and have them saying “wow!”

So MANY Options!

At AlphaGraphics Chicago North we have options for folding your brochures.  We want to dream with you, think outside of the box a little bit, and create a product that you are proud to pass around.  There are a number of different options and combinations you could use to come up with a great brochure design but here are few standard options we use at AlphaGraphics Chicago North:

  • Tri Fold brochures
  • Z Fold brochures
  • Half Fold brochures
  • Double and Single Gate Fold brochures
  • Accordion Fold Brochures
  • Roll Fold brochures
  • and more!!!


So, get creative, dream a little, and get in touch with us to find out what a big impact a great brochure can have in your marketing efforts. Give us a call at 312-266-9266 or email us to get started!



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