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One thing you might have missed in the Sochi Olympics “pay with exercise” Ad Stunt…

Maybe you’ve seen it.  A video, now going viral, shows passengers in a Russian subway station waiting in a queue to use a ticket machine that excepts a new form of payment… squats.  Passengers, young and old are seen stepping up to the machine which uses technology similar to Nintendo Wii fitness games.  After performing 30 squats (no cheating) the machine dispenses a ticket for one train ride.  If you haven’t seen it, definitely watch it here.

It’s a great campaign on a few levels.  First, it encourages everyone to participate and adds a little of something most of us need… exercise.  Next, it’s practically giving away free transportation to those willing to do the little bit of work.  I’m sure with all of the Ventra hubbub here in Chicago, a few of us would welcome this other alternative payment system.

But for us at AlphaGraphics Chicago North, we noticed a little something that you may not have noticed.  The whole ad stunt hinges on the technology in the machine functioning properly and one of the ways the ensure this is by using a floor graphic.  The makers of this machine needed the participants to step in the right place and use a very clever, but simple way of achieving their goal.

Image of Olympic Changes Printed Floor Graphic

Still from “Olympic Changes” video on

Maybe it seems simple, but this floor graphic is so intuitive and really demonstrates that something different is going on from the other machines around it. It takes the technology that was developed for this stunt and makes it really work.

With our recent announcement of our ag Signs product line, we have added floor graphics among our list of products that we offer. We are especially excited to see how Chicago businesses use this powerful tool in tandem with other marketing initiatives to increase their reach in this city.  If you are interested in having a stunning floor graphic added to your space or used in an upcoming campaign, or if you are interested in any of our other ag Signs products, give us a call at 312-266-9266 to get started today!

Floor Graphic Example

An example of floor graphics used for a recent AlphaGraphics marketing campaign.


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