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Coming Soon to AlphaGraphics: Plotter Cutter

At AlphaGraphics and our new initiative, agSigns, we are constantly considering ways that we can update the products and services we offer to meet the demands of our customers, but also to provide valuable products that our customers may have not even realized they wanted!  A plotter cutter is one of those offerings and we are excited to announce that starting April 1st, you will be able to order products that leverage this powerful tool!

Chicago Plotter Cutter Printing Coming Soon

This blog post will cover what a plotter cutter is and several key applications that we think it’s especially useful for.

What is a plotter cutter?

Glad you asked!  Originally developed as machines to print large prints by plotting the outline of a vector file and using a pen to effectively “draw” the image on the paper, a plotter cutter uses vector image files and a knife to cut the material.  This technology is remarkably precise and fast as well!

Some Applications

1. Wall Decals

Have a bland wall in the office?  Why don’t you spice it up by putting up some wall decals of your logo or visual marketing that were precision cut on a plotter cutter.  This option is especially cost effective when compared to painting or using a wallpaper to to cover an entire wall.  We can deliver decals for you to install yourself or you can have the AlphaGraphics install team do it for you!  The visual impact is truly stunning.

2. Vinyl Lettering

Ever wonder how the vinyl lettering is made for things like window displays?  A plotter cutter!  Using a plotter cutter, a company’s information or log is cut out of a sheet of adhesive backed vinyl.  There are many different colors that this vinyl can come in, and can also be cut out of a piece of vinyl that was printed on if your colors are quite unusual or very specific.

3. Short Run “Die” Cutting

Have a specific, non-standard shape that you would like to have for your next short run of stickers?  Many companies only offer expensive dies with minimum runs that will end up costing you a fortune for a simple piece.  A plotter cutter allows you to have one-off precise cutouts of what you are looking for without maxing out your budget.

For the month of April, we will be highlighting plotter cutter projects here on the blog and over at our youtube page!  Check back weekly for new updates.


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