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Start a Conversation With Dynamic Wall Graphics


Anyone who owns a restaurant or bar should be on the lookout for new pieces of visual flair that will attract customers and inspire employees. Unfortunately, most establishments rely on paintings, sports emblems, antiquated framed pictures and other common images that customers have seen countless times. Instead of sticking with the status quo, make your restaurant stand out with customizable wall graphics. Wall graphics can separate your establishment from the pack, draw in customers and make your employees feel like they work in a hip environment.

Start a Conversation

Put yourself in the shoes of your existing customers and potential patrons. Think about the social dynamic of the bar and restaurant experience. Everyone is looking for something to talk about, yet so many customers spend their time looking down at their smartphones. A dynamic wall graphic can totally transform the vibe of your establishment. Line your walls with unique wall graphics and your customers will always have something to talk about. It really is the perfect conversation piece that can serve as the foundation for a long, meaningful conversation between patrons.

Advance Your Brand

Some restaurant and bar owners opt for customized wall graphics that reinforce the business’s brand. Distinct images and dimensional lettering characteristic of the restaurant/bar presented in a wall graphic will bring critical attention to your restaurant, its location, its unique moniker and its offerings. These signs can be placed outside of the establishment as well as throughout the interior. Don’t stop with a single wall graphic that emphasizes your brand. Add plenty more to advertise special deals and new items that have recently been added to the menu. This is a great, unique way to display what you’ve added to the menu or drink list and promote new specials. Strategically place them throughout the restaurant’s interior and exterior and you’ll find that all sorts of new customers frequent your establishment.

Wall Graphics Can Incorporate Eye-Catching Hues and Jaw-Dropping Scenes

Liven up Those Barren Walls

Consider how customers perceive a bar or restaurant with plain wall paint and a few scattered posters, framed pictures or pennants. This is not the proper way to stimulate customers’ senses. Alternatively, a dynamic wall graphic presents a number of eye-catching hues, jaw-dropping scenes and just about anything else you can imagine. Each piece is fully customizable and can be installed quickly.

Start with AlphaGraphics

AlphaGraphics has a team of experienced printing and graphics specialists ready to build a wall graphic that will kick-start your business. We have all the latest technology including a commercial printer that generates 100 percent customizable pieces. While competitors have not invested in the machines necessary to create gorgeous advertisements and signs, AlphaGraphics has reinvested profits right back into the perfection of the design process. We have decades of large format printing experience that you can’t find elsewhere. You have undoubtedly seen our eye-catching wall graphics around town. AlphaGraphics is currently offering 10 percent off your total purchase. Contact us today or request a quote from our website to get started.

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