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Wall Graphics Can Boost Customers’ Experiences


If you own or manage a hotel, hospital, retirement center or other hospitality oriented facility, your organization can benefit from the addition of wall graphics. When the term “wall graphics” is mentioned, too many people think of those life-size wall decal replicas of sports stars, tapestries and other static images. But in the context of business, a wall graphic creates a dynamic way to engage customers.

Perfect For Any Business

Wall graphics can be a great addition to just about any type of business. They are especially effective for buildings that serve a considerable number of patients or customers. Residents of a retirement center, patients at a hospital and hotel patrons do not want to stare at white walls. Nor do they wish to see those generic motivational posters that tend to adorn the walls of businesses throughout the country. Think about how much fun a colorful wall graphic would be for a children’s play space in a hospital. Or consider how much of a difference an aesthetically pleasing wall graphic could make to those who spend most of their time in a nursing home. These eye-catching decorations significantly enhance customer and patient perceptions of the business.

More Than Simple Visual Decor

Think of wall graphics as more than just eye candy. These immersive pieces of art will put clients at ease while portraying the business as customer-friendly and professional. Some companies even choose to implement wall graphics to boost employee morale. The right wall graphic positioned in the perfect position really can stimulate employee engagement and catalyze them to get more involved in the participatory culture desired by those in charge. From healthcare providers to production centers, senior living facilities and schools, every type of hospitality organization can benefit from customizable wall graphics.

No One Likes to stare at Blank White Walls

Reinforcing Your Brand

No two wall graphics are the same. Each can be tailored to a specific group’s nuanced agenda. Some will choose to customize a wall graphic to put their corporate ethos and goals on display for employees and customers. Others will rely on graphics to build support for an upcoming event. Properly designed wall graphics have the potential to reinforce a brand, inspire hard work, promote specific products or services and even take customers on a visual ride that provides a temporary escape from everyday life.

AlphaGraphics: Increase Your Reach

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