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Tips for Effective Tradeshow Outreach

AlphaGraphics specializes in creating cutting-edge trade show materials, including posters, signs, banners and media kits. With us in your corner, you will go to your next convention or tradeshow armed with the items you need to win new clients, forge profitable partnerships and enrich your bottom line.  There’s no better or easier way to enjoy a maximum return from a minimal investment.  And with an average turnaround time of less than 24 hours on most orders, you’ll be ready to set up in no time!

“All well and good,” you might say. “But I need actionable tips to make the most of my tradeshow outreach.” We understand. Here are some tips from marketing experts to make your next tradeshow a success.

Catch Their Eyes and Don’t Let Go

Studies show that the average person is subjected to more than 1,000 marketing communications a day. To cut through that noise and get your message across, you need a graphic or textual display that focuses passerby’s attention on your booth and away from your competitor’s. Our graphic designers and printing technicians can work with you to create the perfect eye-grabbing visual.

Have a Call to Action (CTA)

Even the most polished materials are useless without an effective CTA. You should incorporate a CTA in every item you hand out, including brochures and business cards. The message doesn’t need to be complex; your contact information along with a quick, inviting phrase will work fine. This is another area in which our experts can assist you.


Condense and Crystallize

You may only have a few seconds to communicate with tradeshow contacts. So make the most of that time by cutting the fluff from your message. This includes the written material you distribute. It should describe the primary benefits of your product or service in a compact, powerful format designed for maximum impact.

Feed Them

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, yet it’s amazing how many business people underestimate its power. Something as simple as small pieces of pre-packaged candy with your company’s name or logo on the wrapping can make sure tradeshow attendees remember who you are for the long-term.

Studies have shown that chocolate and sugar trigger pleasurable feelings in the brain, creating a positive association between your gift and your company. Because of this, sweets are a perfect vehicle for implementing the strategy. Also, feeding people or sharing a meal with others creates a primal bond between persons that can persuade them to welcome your message.


Have a Follow-Up Plan

Have a strategy for how to stay in touch with the contacts you meet at the tradeshow. You may want to drop them a friendly email or postcard every few weeks or months to make sure they don’t forget you. The idea is to let them know you’re still around without monopolizing their time or making them feel pressured.

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