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Wall Graphics Can Make Your Children’s Waiting Room Stand Out

Wall Graphics Can Make Your Children's Waiting

Many children dread going to the doctor’s office, so it is best to try to make the experience as fun as possible. Having wall graphics in your waiting room can go a long way toward putting children at ease so that they can be relaxed and comfortable when it’s their turn to go in to see the doctor. Read on for four fun theme ideas kids love.

Searching for Buried Treasure

Children are enthralled by the idea of swashbuckling sailors scouring the world for buried treasure, so a pirate theme is a great way to get them excited.

Try a wall graphic depicting a treasure map, complete with an X to mark the spot. Another wall graphic for this theme could be a treasure chest spilling over with gold coins. Of course, the look would not be complete without a pirate with a wooden leg, an eye patch and a parrot on his shoulder.

Exploring the Jungle

Kids love animals, so this exotic theme appeals to that nature. Be sure to incorporate wall graphics of tigers, monkeys and birds with brilliant plumage.

However, make sure that the animals look cartoonish and friendly because you don’t want to scare younger children with frightening fangs that are too realistic looking. Other options fitting in with this theme could include jungle-type plants and tribal masks.

A Trip to Outer Space: Who hasn't dreamed of blating off into outer space? This is a perennially popular theme because kids get excited about exploring the unknown.

Swimming Under the Sea

This theme is always a winner with kids because many of them fantasize about being able to breathe underwater like a mermaid or a shark. Try to incorporate these creatures into your wall graphics, along with crabs, dolphins and other marine wildlife.

Using sandpaper at the bottom of your walls can create tactile interest and add to the beachy feel of the design. Other wall graphics could include seashells, starfish and coils of seaweed, rounding out your underwater menagerie. Be sure to paint the background walls blue to complete the effect.

A Trip to Outer Space

Who hasn’t dreamed of blasting off into outer space? This is a perennially popular theme because kids get excited about exploring the unknown. For your wall graphics in this theme, try a rocket ship and an astronaut.

Saturn is the most popular planet, so be sure to include this ringed beauty on your walls. Paint your background walls with far off stars to deliver a full outer space experience.

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