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Bindings: Which Type is Best for Your Project?

Communication is the heartbeat of any business. From advertising, marketing, training and archiving, you need to keep information flowing. A great, low-cost method to meet your print communication objectives is to partner with Alpha Graphics for your book design and printing.

Mass printing on your office machines and presenting the marketing book, presentation or report in an unstable format with no binding is going to look unpolished and unprofessional. We understand that binding adds cost, but it also creates a professional result that can stand up to handling and the occasional fall off a desk.

With all of the binding options available, you can choose the most economical bindings suitable for each project. At Alpha Graphics, we offer several types of binding. Below are some of the most popular and cost-effective selections.

Side Stitch Binding

Side stitch binding is where the left edges of the pages are stapled in two or three places with the folded wire ends on the back side. This is good for tear-off pads and calendars, reports and any product where the pages don’t need to lay flat when open.

Saddle Stitch Binding

The saddle stitch method is where the pages and cover are printed so that they can be folded in the middle to create the spine, much like a greeting card. Wire is then stapled at the fold. This works very well for thin publications such as magazines and brochures where the cover is soft.

Wire-O or Double Wire Binding

Wire-O or Double Wire Binding

A very versatile type of binding is the Wire-O or Double Wire. A wire, or two wires, run through holes in the pages with the ends crimped closed so the book can open flat or 360 degrees. This type looks attractive and handles books with hard covers or thick, laminated pages. Useful for sales presentations, manuals, cookbooks and reference books, to name but a few, this binding serves a multitude of projects.

Spiral Binding

As the name implies, spiral binding is similar to wire binding except that the wire, a coil cut to the length of the spine, screws through the holes in the pages. The coils come in a variety of sizes and also work well in books you want to open flat or fold over.

Plastic Comb Binding

Plastic comb binding is probably the most economical type of binding. It employs thin plastic with teeth that slide through the holes in the edge of the pages. They can allow for the addition or removal of pages within the document. Installed by hand, these bindings may be less economical for large runs, but when you need only a few books, presentations, or reports, plastic comb binding may be a good way to go.

These are but a few economical binding methods. AlphaGraphics can help you choose what types of binding would work the best for your project depending on its size and quantity and your budget. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable, friendly representative about your printing goals.

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